The Father Says Today: February 6th, 2021

The Father Says Today: February 6th, 2021

The Father says today, where man has created a great chasm of discord and conflict, I am creating a bridge of restored fellowship and function to the body of Christ. Ancient fissures of unreconcilable differences are being melted and reunited by the liquid love of My presence and My power. I am here. I am coursing through the trappings of what men say “is of God,” and bringing about what I’m actually after. The pride and haughty will willingly humble themselves and embrace those they always thought were alien to them and not part of My kingdom. East and West, Evangelical and Orthodoxy are singing together the song of the redeemed and letting go of all the old prejudices. They are joined together again at the altar of My Person. The bread of My presence will again bring life where nothing but dissonance and strife once reigned.

Know this, says the Father – the architects of division are now removed and the advocates of My glory and love are bridging the ancient divides. New unity is coming, and old grudges and warfare are being laid to rest. The world has mocked for centuries while My people wrangled in vain over things that can never be settled. All that comes to an end, even this day. The purveyors of disunity are being set aside and My bridge builders and those who will stand in the gap at the cost of their reputations and what others think are being brought to the forefront. I am doing a new thing. As I brought the primitive faith of My people out of the Judaism that rejected and crucified Me, even so, I am bringing out of a fractured, confused, hateful religious system a new reformation, a new thing that will once again express My nature and power on the earth.

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