The Father Says Today: December 25th, 2020

The Father Says Today: December 25th, 2020

The Father says today, I am bringing a new thing to birth in your life. The old, the scarred, the contaminated is being stripped of you and out of you. This is preparation time for a fresh glory, a new cleansing and infilling. You’ve known fullness, and you’ve tasted of the sweet waters of My kiss, for I am your Bridegroom, and you are My beloved. This day I wrap you up inside Myself, covering you, hiding you, and embracing you. I am your Boaz, and your soul is My beloved. I purchased you 2000 years ago and became your Kinsmen Redeemer. You are not an alien or a stranger – you are an honored and beloved spouse. I have grafted you into a lineage and legacy that began in David and comes to fullness in a glorified bride, suspended between heaven and earth giving birth to an incorruptible man child, caught up to My throne.

Enter into the bridal celebration, says the Father, by the dictates of your spirit made free, made clean by the shedding of the spotless blood of heaven’s Darling. Heaven catches its breath, waiting for the faintest footfall of your love into the Secret place with Me. Enter in, says God. Partake of the bread of My presence and know the covering and protection afforded you by My unspeakable love. Let go of the past. Don’t look back. Don’t be distracted by the affairs of the present or be dampened in your spirit by the tragedies of yesterday. I am coming behind you in your past, I am upholding you in your now, and I am standing in your future, beckoning you – “come away, oh, My beloved.” It is time. Gates are opening. Angels are standing aside, hushed as you enter in. Change is taking place. Resurrection substance is transforming you and clothing you with the light body man knew before the fall. The Quickening Spirit of My fullness is all around you, wrapping you up and sustaining you and bringing you to heights in My love you’ve yet to know.

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  • Hallelujah, Amen U accept the call. I surrender all. For Your Glory. In Jesus’ name. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  • Claudia Dawson says:

    This makes me feel like it was written for me alone, but i know much better than that.Its for all who the LORD will have to be recipients. I have PURPOSELY placed myself on a spiritual deep soul cleansing quarantine, or should i say it’s the LORD’S doing.
    I have not been out for fellowship in the great assembly on my return home from another country in June 2020,and is now feeling ready to face the corporate body.
    I read these words with very tearful eyes this morning, line upon line, and asked,”LORD is this really for me?”.It sounds too good to be true , yet my spirit man was bearing witness to every word. Following the trend of these daily words, it is obvious the LORD is ushering His remnant people through a season of total cleansing, healing, and restoration, and it is my desire to bless others even as I have been blessed by your ministry.