The Father Says Today: August 8th, 2020

The Father says today I am infusing your life with My blessing this day. You have chosen to turn away from dark counsels and manipulation. You decided to run in the way of My word and not after the advice of those who have no light in them. Realize this says the Father that heaven takes notice when you walk away from ungodly associations. Nothing escapes My eye, even in the night when you lay awake meditating on My word and My law concerning the things that you are facing. Know that you aren’t alone and you aren’t up against a wall. Feel the refreshing down in the sap of your soul, for I am rooting Myself in you and vining Myself in you. Yes, I am keeping you saturated in My goodness even in the drought and dryness of the season you are walking in.

Your dreams says the Father have not cast their young. The assault from hell against your life has not extinguished the prospects of the vision I buried down deep inside you like hidden treasure. From this day forth, the fruit that the enemy through would die on the vine in your life is now becoming lush and ripe for harvest. The leaves of hope on the boughs of your branches are now supple and healthy, no longer wilting under the blighting curse of disappointment. I say to you put your hand to something, and I will bless it. Step out in faith, and I will cause you to take territory and claim new ground that will prosper in everything you apply yourself to. Don’t be distracted by the godless, even those close to you who mock and scorn who I am in your life. They are as the chaff that My wind even now will blow away, and their howls of spite will no longer be heard in your land, says God.

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