The Father Says Today: August 8th, 2018

The Father Says Today: August 8th, 2018

The Father says today, that contention only comes with pride. Never allow contention or any other thing to take your eyes off of the harvest. I have not called you to contend with your brothers and sisters in the faith. I have not called you to dispute or to war against those without, who may not agree with your point of view. Never allow the strength of your personality or your opinion to diminish your testimony. Learn not to answer again when you are challenged, or when your wishes are ignored. I haven’t called you to have your way or to demand that others listen to or give in to your point of view. Remember that a soft answer turns away wrath. You are not a doormat for others to trounce upon, but I say again do not allow anger or frustration to get you so distracted that you forget the calling that I have placed upon your life.
There is a change of assignment just ahead for you. I want you to focus not only on what must be done but how you must proceed. Just because I am moving you, this does not mean you need to give your parting opinions about how things should have been done differently. Remember that the wisdom from above is first peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated. Nothing is ever gained by spouting off your opinion and leaving others to clean up the message. I have called you. I have commissioned you. Assignments come, and after a time they change. All you need to know is don’t linger behind longer than necessary, or there will be loss, even permanent damage of relationship to those I have connected you with. Listen to My voice, move in My timing and keep your eyes on the whitened fields before you.

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