The Father Says Today: August 4th, 2020

The Father says today act on My word. Reach out and grasp the rhema of the prophetic over your life and put it into action. Another word, another prophet, another strategy is not your answer. What I have already said to you is much more potent than what you are waiting for Me to do or say further. I have sanctioned your way forward. I am moving you from authority to authorization. I am taking you beyond permissiveness to the permission of heaven. I have, and I am opening up latitude and indulgence in your life to see the cry of your heart become a reality. Look no further. Lean not to your understanding or the strength of others, for that is misdirection and idolatry. There is no missing ingredient for I AM. There is nothing up ahead that must happen for I AM. There is no impediment in heaven or earth to hold you back for I AM.

Go out this day and be who YOU ARE in Christ, and I will go with you and be who I AM, and that will make all the difference. Don’t worry about what others think. Refuse to listen to your critics or the do-nothings who are convinced there is nothing to do. I called you. I equipped you. I have empowered you. What are you waiting for? This is your NOW season. Now is all I have to give you, for I don’t live in the past, and the future is just the figment of a fallen creature’s imagination. Step into the now of My deliverance and My provision. Accept it. Realize it’s strength. Believe that you receive, and you will have whatsoever you desire. Those who insist otherwise are the congregation of the uninformed. Forget them. They are the small dust of the balance that only make a difference in their own minds. My hand is upon you. My heart is directing you. Be prompt and be obedient for your response time to Me is a metric of My response time to you – so ACT!

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