The Father Says Today: August 25th, 2021

The Father says today, don’t be concerned and allow your hope to be deferred by what seems in the natural to be a long time. Time is relative to situations and circumstances depending on how you view it. Day by day the hours droll on, weeks start flowing together, month by month, year by year you can see from the perspective of decades and patterns develop. What seemed like a very long time, was in reality, over much faster than one realizes. It is easier to see then, how I can view things in millenia. One day is as a thousand years because I know the end from the beginning and there is no time in all of eternity. Lift your gaze from the TIME factor and see yourself as an eternal being. As I am expanding your capacity to receive more, so you can give out more. Your views of time and spiritual matters will increase because you will start functioning on My timeclock and fulfilling My will in the earth as the supernatural realm becomes more real to you than the natural world you live in.

When you are pressing in and drawing close to Me, the wells within you are being primed and prepared to flow with Me in new ways unhindered by doubt and unbelief and the talking heads who think they know it all, because your ears will be tuned in to My voice. The rain of My Presence and the oil of My Spirit are flowing and melding in new ways on the earth. Manifestations of My goodness and power will be available to those who are tuned in. Don’t be alarmed if situations arise in your life that you must deal with swiftly, because as the pumps are primed within you to allow the geyser of My Presence to burst forth, the first things out will be debris that has clogged your once flowing well. All it takes is one good blast and you’re up and running again. I’m flowing and blasting through things that have held you back for years, for some, all of their life. You are about to step into what you have waited and prepared for all of these years and whatever you have been through, the price you have had to pay, will have been well worth it.

Georgette Thompson

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Other Comments

  • V. Smith says:

    I receive this in Jesus’ Name! Exactly where I am in this season. Blessings to you for your obedience to Father God’s calling.

  • I believe and receive this daily prophetic word. Let the Glory of the Lord be revealed in my life. Thank you. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏