The Father Says Today: August 22nd, 2019

The Father Says Today: August 22nd, 2019

The Father says today, the wine vats of My goodness are yielding to you of their fullness. The vintages of the wine of My Spirit are available and on tap for you to drink and drink deeply. The days of waiting for a move are over. The longing for visitation of My Spirit is coming to an end as I come and make My habitation in your life beyond previous experiences. Put My word out like seed broadcast over earth that is no longer fallow. This is Amos 9:13 time for you as the seeds that you sow now produce a harvest before they hit the ground. I call you a sower. I call you an Isaac, says the Father, and declare that you will sow in the land and reap a hundredfold harvest even in the time of famine. You are not bound by the experiences of others or by their proud looks and obstinate words. Have I not accorded to you the blessing? Rise up then in that blessing and know that nothing shall deter or restrain of all My fullness poured out upon you in a moment of time.
Are you ready for maximum results? This year was never intended to be a year of disappointment or downturn. Realize that all your days are written in My book, and not one of them holds the dust of despair or the ashes of desolation. I have scribed in the parchment of your days with a permanent marker – blessing, honor, fullness, and favor. That is your portion. Claim it. Lay hold on what the precious blood of Calvary purchased on your behalf. Take this day the full dividend of the purchase price of redemption for it is yours without cost and without measure. The early rains have come, and the former rains are now falling, even the former and the latter rains of My Spirit to ripen and increase the fruits of your labors as you trust fully and freely in all that I have provided you even before the foundation of the world.

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Other Comments

  • I receive this prophecy for my life. I agree with this word of God and know deep within my spirit that my hearts desire will come to pass without delay, and I will fulfill what I promised to do for this Ministry. God Bless the Prophets and may their words manifest in this month of August 2019.

  • Jane Nelly Reineke says:

    Hallelujah, I received my portion in a good measure. Thank you Jesus. May your Name be exalted.

  • fidelis says:

    Blessing,honour,fullness and favour is my portion..I’m the child of God favour,the entitle of God the father is a king in the heavens so have he made me a king in the earth.I am a king and a is mine and great promise,peace is mine and the entitlement of God promises,as in heaven so on earth in my life,I am not a child of my past neither am i a product of my enviroment,heavn is my native environment.I am no longer a dust man,I am no longer in the generation of adam,but the generative of redemtive power of ressuretion.I am a creature of dominion.I am from above and not beneth,I am above only and not beneth.I am a victor,and not a victim.this my season of abundance havest