The Father Says Today: August 1st, 2020

The Father says today you are mighty in My kingdom. That may not be how you see yourself, and that may not be how others see you, but I have declared the decree, and that is the lens through which I am acting in your life. I am changing things and shifting things around regarding supply and the day-to-day activity that surrounds you. Hold everything loosely. Be willing to let go when necessary. Don’t allow your sense of security to cause you to hold on to what I have put My hand on. This is house cleaning time. The detriments and the hindrances are now going, and the blessing and My favor are coming. Yes, this will involve shaking, which is never pleasant, but I want you to put your faith in the shift I am bringing even though there is the unknown part of it. Know and accept in your heart that I am calling you out. I am leading you out into a place of total dependency on me and not your understood capacity for how you are used to getting things done.

This is a time of letting go. Letting go of the past. Even letting go of things going back to childhood that shaped your views and your ideas about who you are and what you are capable of. I have called you to be a doer. You are called as Joseph, who was the doer of everything that was done. Say that to yourself – often. Say, “I am a doer of all those things that are done…” You are not a mere observer, are you? You cried out to Me, and you declared, “Thy Kingdom Come!” My kingdom doesn’t come with observation, and now is the time to rise and do exploits in My name. There are things I want to put under your hand that haven’t been blessed with in times past but now you will be blessed as you willingly take responsibility for things that intimidated you in days gone by. Be responsible. Say, “My fault, My responsibility.” Say, “I will be responsible for that​,” and you will find with the responsibility comes the SUDDENLIES of My favor that you’ve been waiting for so long to manifest in your life.

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