The Father Says Today: August 18th, 2013

The Father Says Today: August 18th, 2013

DSC04606 copyThe Father says today that the gavel has come down in your favor. The judgment is determined and the outcome is assured. Your redemption is secure and your exoneration is certain says the Father. I am coming into the midst of your situation and My reward is with Me. There is no voice of dissent that can silence the declaration that rang from the cross in your behalf:
It is finished says the Father and I will hear no accusatory arguments of the enemy against you. I have declared your freedom and directed the angelic custodians that you can and must go free from all impediment, detriment and bondage. So let there be rejoicing says the Father. Even as the apostles sang at the stocks in the lower part of the prison know this that I am bringing a shaking that will cause the prison doors to be opened and the chains to fall away. Those gates that have barred you will open of their own accord and your proclamation will be that “this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!”

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Other Comments

  • valerie f gallegos says:

    Give Thanks and Praise to the Lord for he is good! His Love endures forever! His Love never fails! My dear Lord and savior Jesus Christ I stand in awe of you! I’m so greatful for that dept you paid on calveries mountain! I don’t know where id be if you would have never choosen me Lord! Forever my heart will say thank you, thank you, and thank you! Amen! Halleluhah He reins!

  • Thank you so much prophets Russ and kitty for your daily prophets, your daily words is like a medication to my body. for each day I read your word . I’m growing much stronger in the spirit world. God is fixing me by your hand . Keep up the good work and may God continues bless you to bless others, Love you all Nadine

  • Rrv. Juanita Farinas says:

    I believe in your Prohfets My Father because I move myself on the profetic I”be properous and I should remember your Servant…Amen!!!