The Father Says Today: August 15th, 2020

The Father says today the excellency of My name is bringing you out today. Open your mouth wide as a suckling child and receive the strength that I have ordained for you. The enemy and the avenger against you are stilled as you praise and acknowledge who I am and what I am doing in your life by My word. Never feel that you are forgotten or marginalized in any way. I am mindful of you, and I visit you every day with My goodness. I am ever working to bring you into promotion and benefit even as I did Abraham of old. This day your testimony will be, “I have seen the finger of God come forth in my life, and I am delivered from the enemy!”

The angels hush and bow their heads when they witness the glory that I have placed in your heart. You are holy ground. Your spirit is the place of deep calling to deep where My voice originates and goes forth into all the earth to subdue the enemy before you. You will put your foot in the neck of the enemy, and you will walk in the dominion that I ordained for you before the foundation of the world. Realize this day that you are not a pauper, and you are not cast aside or trodden under foot of the enemy. Though you were created a little lower than the angels, I have crowned you with glory and honor. Walk in that honor today. I have given you dominion over all the works of My hands, and I have put all things under your feet that you might reign in Christ on this side of your mortality and not after. Know that ruling and reigning begins now – if you can take now for an answer. Accept this, believed, and know it as your inheritance in Me.

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