The Father Says Today: August 14th, 2020

The Father says today this is your turnaround time. The enemy’s strategy is broken, and your persecutor’s oppression is now lifted and thrown back from your life. When no one has any answers, and nothing is working, relax, and realize that I am online in your situation to deliver answers and solutions beyond man’s wisdom. In an instant, in a moment, deliverance is come from on high. Your tears are wiped away, and there is a dance in your step and jubilation in your mouth. Go ahead and celebrate for those who sought your life without a cause are trodden down and laid in the dust to be seen no more.

I am a just judge, says the Father and I am never late. The wickedness of the wicked now comes to an end as I establish the just in the land of the living. I have tried your heart and formed you as My jewels are formed – with heat and pressure. Now the dross is skimmed away with every imperfection that you might shine forth in the kingdom of your Father. Take all that anger, stress, and travail and give it to Me. They have dug a pit and set a snare to take you, but their mischief now returns on their own head and their violent dealing will boomerang back into their own lives. Trust Me for the outcome. Set a watch on your mouth and a guard upon your heart never to speak contrary to My promise or to worry in any way. I am here. I am working, and you will not be disappointed, says God.

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