The Father says today, I am your supply. Your supply does not derive from a piece of paper in your wallet. Your supply is who I am in your life producing all that is necessary and needful when you put your expectations on Me. Man’s supply is limited and finite. The supply that I am on the inside of you is infinite, untapped and limitless. Receive the supply that I am on the inside of you. Know Me, says the Father, by My name Jehovah-Jireh. As I was the ram caught in the thicket for Abraham, so I am that which is spent for your need to provide at the right moment exactly what you need when you need it. I am not holding out on you. I am not denying you. When I walked the earth, I became poor so that you could be rich. Poverty does not originate in Me. Neither am I using poverty to accomplish anything in the earth or in your life. Do not allow the councils of the uninformed to tell you that I want you to suffer lack. I am not the God of lack, I am the God of abundance. Those who say otherwise have got Me ALL WRONG, says God!

So, taste and see that I am good. Know that I will NEVER say no to what the cross says yes to. Can you take yes for an answer? Can you take NOW for an answer? Do you realize since I am your supply, and nothing can separate you from Me, then there is no lack that can dominate you in any way? This must become your most basic truth. Realize that provision is WHO I am on the inside of you and I can be no other. Lack and poverty can no more dominate you than the enemy can dethrone Me from on high. I am ruling and reigning on the inside of you so that you can go out and rule and reign outwardly in the situation and circumstance you find yourself in. Let go of all opposite thinking. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself or to wallow in self-pity or victimhood. You are not a victim. You are a victor. You are not a prisoner, for I have made you free. Receive the freedom wherewith I have made you free this day. Receive the liberty and the life that I am producing on the inside of you. Receive it, declare it and see that one great truth can change and shift outwardly all things that pertain unto you until heaven come to earth is your ongoing testimony.

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