The Father Says Today: April 26th, 2019

The Father Says Today: April 26th, 2019

The Father says today, I have no other abiding place than the temple that you are. I have cleansed you, and I have built you up. I have appointed you and beautified you with My glory. Never allow the beggarly elements of the world and the transgressions thereof to contaminate you in any way. You are chosen. You are called. Lean into My faithfulness and let the same be reciprocated back to My throne. My rule and My majesty rest on your life. The diadem of My favor is lowered upon your shoulder this day. My governance is leading you and establishing you. Old things are passed away, behold all things become new. Embrace the new, says the Father, and relinquish the old, decayed ways of looking at things that only serve to diminish you and rob you of My blessing.
Enter this day into My yes and amen. I am a “yes” God and an “amen” God. You are not disqualified. I am not looking for reasons to exclude you from My goodness. All I call upon you to do is to love mercy and to do justly and walk humbly before Me. All else is hyperbole and triviality. Accept the invitation to greater glory this day. Know that the way of access is made open to you by the shed blood of Calvary. In Jesus, the way is consecrated. It is My consecration in the merits of Calvary working itself out in your devotion to Me on the earth. Holiness is not a religious word; it is a covenantal word establishing in you the finished work of the Cross. Be reconciled in your mind to that thought and never be found in the ranks of those who live out their commitments to me dancing on the edge of the abyss of worldliness and carnality. I have chosen you. You are mine, and I am yours and this day you are crossing the threshold to a new abiding place in Me.

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  • Emmanuel Nkem.ANYALEWECHI. says:

    Thanking God almighty always for his spoken word of wisdom. Amen in jesusname.

  • Thanks be to God ! Glory to God ! Hallelujah ! Awesome are thyWords, this day Lord God for me. I love you. I Praise thy name on High ! I am blessed of thee. I am yours, you are mine evermore. Thank you so much for the finished work in my life. Amen !