The Father Says Today: April 24th, 2020

The Father Says Today: April 24th, 2020

The Father says today, maintain alignment with the vision I have imparted. Set aside the crutch of outward dependency, for that is idolatry. Challenge yourself to step out in faith without requiring a safety net that only robs you of what the future holds. Refuse to allow others to do your thinking for you. The value of counsel given by others is measured by who has to live with the consequences of obedience. Be teachable. Be correctable. Be open-minded and polite when others give their input into your life. Then go to the secret place and measure what is said by the plumb-line of My word and the character of who I am on the inside of you. I have raised you to be a carrier of My glory. My living substance dwells on the inside of you to create the image of My fulfilled promise not only in your heart but in your life from border to border. Intimacy often breeds disrespect and contemptuous attitudes. Recognize when you hear the mind of the Spirit or the mind of the flesh, then act accordingly.

It doesn’t take any faith to look back or to live in the past. Trying to reconstruct what is lost to you is not faith. It is an illegitimate vision keeping you from what I have ahead for you in life. I am bringing you into a time of shift. This is the narrow place where all relationships connected to your life will not be able to go. When you feel them pulling back, don’t resist, keep on walking in love because love never fails. Why would you ever step out of love if a step out of love is a step into disaster? Walk in love, maintain the faith that moves the mountain, and keep your hopes set high and never settle for second best. This is a severe time, but it is also a season of stillness where you will hear My voice speaking in the silence between your own thoughts. In that hidden place, I will confirm or set aside outside influences or suggestions and keep you moving forward on the path to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

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Other Comments

  • Dee Dee says:

    Please keep me in prayer beloved family in Christ. It’s midnight and I am having problems relaxing. I am feeling anxious and need God’s peace. I long for his coming so much these days. Being out of fellowship and ministry has been hard , I have a husband and son but have extended my love beyond the home. A part of me is crushed from being separated from my church family whom I loved like a blood family because that’s what we are , by the blood of Jesus we are family.

  • Sonya Corrica says:

    Thank you for that word. Interesting, how intimacy causes disrespect and contemptuous attitudes. That is a profound observation and it also confirms the conflict I run into when trying to follow God’s voice for myself and not default to the opposing voices of those who are certain they know better.

  • Israel Moussa says:

    Glory be to God, Jehovah Avinu ! Thank You Heavenly Father for Your word that has come into my heart, resulting in positive transformation and promotion, causing me to walk in glory and soar on the wing of Your spirit. Thank You for Your precious, eternal and unfailing word, which is abundant in my heart. My heart is full of the revelation of Your word, giving no room for doubt or unbelief. Irrespective of opposing circumstances, I win, because Your word is my life. Jehovah-Jireh, Your word is in my mouth producing fruits of righteousness. As I meditate on the word, it mingles with my spirit, causing me to walk in success, victory, prosperity, peace and everlasting joy, in the name of Jesus, Amen.