The Father says today, there is coming a twelve-week outpouring of My Spirit in the United States. It will be a sovereign work of My hand that many will participate in to bring in a timely harvest and to shift the spiritual climate of this nation. This visitation will be a forerunner of an explosive awakening on the east coast that will clear the streets and cleanse whole cities of the contaminating influences of the enemy. Get ready to be a carrier of this glory. Get ready to be a blasting cap, and a fuse lit for the suddenlies of My kingdom and My kindness poured out, not because men deserve it but because of My faithfulness to My name and My promise.

What men were called to do and chose not to I will now bring about by My own right hand. Those things I at one time decided to do by design are now coming about by compulsion. Many will behold and marvel. Others, even among My own children will stand on the sidelines and mock. They will predict failure. They will speculate how long it will be before the work falls under its own weight or by the moral shortcomings of its leaders. To this, the Father says, “not this time!” The enemy will not gain the upper hand this time. Give yourself to prayer. Call the intercessors. Believe, anticipate and expect this unprecedented thing that I now do. That which men had no inkling of and weren’t even looking for – it will be brought to pass before their eyes that they might wonder and know that there is a God in the heavens concerned with the welfare of His people.

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  • Bernard La Chance says:

    Lord jesus let us to partake of this preious

    out pouring!

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    So long Father I have waited , Hallelujah!!

  • Inga Madison-Rivera says:

    Amen and Amen God is Great!!!!!

  • Bernard La Chance says:


  • Jkm says:

    We trusted and saved many words that were very specific for us. We are life long Christians filled with the holly spirit. Table scraps and trying to find the blessing with a microscope was not what we were hoping for. We keep hoping in God because there is no other hope. We have lived through very extreme circumstances before, even momentary death itself. I was hoping as my years got longer I could live with wind at my back and go from blessings to blessings without such thorns in my life. They are such a drain of energy and joy, and time. We have said it all and done all the religious stuff. Now we live and hope and wait on God for love and life. There was still hope for Lazarus so there is hope for my life and circumstances. I can feel it deep down in my soul. I don’t know why God would want me to stay hear like this. I’m ashamed to say that, it’s like saying there are sons God is proud of and Sons he is not. And maybe something is wrong with me. So I don’t go shouting my problems from the roof top. Thanks for your Words, they do help even if it dose not look like it.

  • Thea Cleveland says:

    I have been an intercessor for 35 years. This is an answer to many prayers and tears for many, many years for the east coast in particular, Philadelphia where I grew up and its suburbs and into Chester-Lancaster counties where the Amish live and where God moved me. All I can say is HALLELUJAH and thank you Jesus! The Harvest is white and about to come in.. I receive this Word. SELAH


  • Luisa says:

    How about Canada?


    I receive DIVINE message for my life and ministry

  • Elizee says:

    I am not in the United States but I receive this word on my own behalf and Kenya, send us the Revival oh Lord.

  • Jan Darwin says:

    Papa awaken Your warrior bride….She is ready because of You…Now is the day of Salvation. Glory to the King of Kings!

  • Oh my goodness yes!! Let’s walk in this!

  • JOSEPH says:

    AMEN I receive in Jesus name.

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