The Father Says Today: April 13th, 2019

The Father Says Today: April 13th, 2019

The Father says today, the song in your heart is warfare in your life. Go out in your day today and make war with your song. Sing a new song before Me and witness the new thing that will rise up before you. Situations will change. Circumstances will shift. Extoll my name and bless My name and the heavens will open and new life and new hope will emerge where only dust and disappointment could be found. Declare My glory to those living in darkness, and they will arise and seek out My light. These will be souls for your labor and jewels in your crown as you faithfully and willingly walk in praise and adoration before Me daily.
My name is great and greatly enlarged in your life, says the Father. My name is a spacious and secure high tower where you will luxuriate in My goodness and see the destruction of the enemy that dared to lay siege to your life. The idols will fall on their face before the ark of My presence that dwells between the cherubim of the inner chambers of your own heart. Honor and majesty will be found in your land. My strength and My beauty will be your inner sanctum. Bring an offering. Come into My courts. Taste of My bounty and drink deeply of the living waters that are yours to enjoy.

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