The Father Says Today: May 25th, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 25th, 2019

The Father says today, I am your cure and your rescue. When you come into the temple, I will empower you to go into the streets. I am the same God in the streets that I am in the temple on the inside of you. My Shekinah glory is manifesting on every street corner. Signs, miracles, and wonders are manifesting wholesale on the backside of town and in rich men’s houses. My glory will rain down in the halls of government and legislature. Gold dust and glory will fall from the ceiling. They shall see it on their desks and in their pockets. They will open their vaults, and My gold dust will be there. They shall bring up their security cameras and see things that will shock and amaze them. They will record angels marching rank upon rank among them. They will look with awe and amazement not knowing or understanding, and I will send you in their midst to declare and make known My truth – the one path even in My name by which men might be saved.
They will witness My baptism of glory and fire upon My people and say, “men and brethren, what does this mean and what must we do?” You will stand up as Peter stood up and make unapologetic claims upon their souls and their hearts on behalf of a living God. You will stand in the hallways and the lunchrooms. You will hold holy court in the restaurants when patrons will leave their tables and say, “excuse me, but what is this that I see hovering over you?” Your reply will be, “it is the living God, the God of the universe who sent His Son to die…” and right in a crowded restaurant they will fall to their knees and rise up gloriously saved. It is a new time, says the Father. The old thinking must be set aside, and the glory realm must be deferred to, for My glory is standing in your midst and walking in your midst as My visitation comes and abides with great power among you, even this day.

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