The Father says today, revival is not a dirty word. Revival is not passé or an old way of thinking. Does not My word instruct you to pray “revive us again, oh Lord?” How shall My people regain their joy if they are wallowing in the emptiness of what is and not receiving the reality of what can be? The vintages of every move of My Spirit in history is still on the earth. The vines are still producing. Gird yourself up by My Spirit and make your journey to that spiritual ground where there is water from the rock every morning and manna every morning. You will eat angel’s food and rejoice in My glory extended to you in full measure.

I am stretching the expanse of My glory over you just as I spread the firmament over Adam and Eve in the garden. I am bringing you back to Edenic experience and Edenic entitlement. When you see the serpent speaking from the bough of a tree, summon the angel hosts, and at your command, the serpent will be silenced. I am bringing you back to the Tree of Life and uprooting the influence of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I do not need you to know good or evil. I have a need, and you have need to sit at My feet and learn of Me. Choose that better thing as Mary did against the objection of her sister. Martha was thinking about what was good to do and what was evil to shun, but Mary just sat at My feet and wrapped her arms around My knees staring up at My face as My love and wisdom radiated down on her. This is what I have reserved for you. This is what I bequeath to you by the inheritance of Calvary that you might partake and rejoice.

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  • Gloria Humphrey says:

    The breath of God is on every word! – It happened this morning just like you said!- Praise God! I found a prophet!

  • Terry Cole says:

    Praise God Awesome! Pray for me to cross over to the spiritual ground. I have been trying. I have been sensing/feeling fire coming upon me when praying in the spirit. I want to cross over to the spiritual ground so much. I am excited, I want to see him. I receive.

  • JOSEPH MULWA says:

    Amen I receive the Lord is God

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