Seven Days of God’s Process, 13. The Fifth Day

Day Five: Be Fruitful and Multiply

Why do we have to wait so long before blessing comes? I thought I was ready to pastor a church of a 1000 people when I was 21. Why would I have to wait? Jesus warned His own family members about their poor sense of spiritual timing

[Jhn 7:6 KJV] 6 Then Jesus said unto them, My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready.

Regardless of your station in life, if you follow after God, sooner or later you will step into a place of blessing, prosperity and privilege. It is God’s base nature to go first class all the way. It takes much false doctrine and error to brutalize God’s people with poverty, want and deprivation. The church has worked very hard at this through the centuries, even establishing in the Middle Ages a “vow of poverty” that deeply contaminates Christian thinking today. Christians rejoice and get downright giddy when their favorite sports figure earns obscene amounts of money for swinging a stick at a ball, but their offense knows no bounds when their pastor gets a new car or enjoys a financial status above the poverty line. What are these people (and there are many) going to do when they answer to God for their religious attitudes about money and blessing, when they stand before a God whose city gates are of pearl, with streets of gold, and God on a throne of emerald and precious jewels? This is one of the deepest and most fundamental needs of repentance in the church still today, as any minister or pastor worth his salt can readily agree.

There is a place in the outlying of God’s process in your life that you will begin to be fruitful and multiply. Blessing will not be simply the occasional good things that punctuate a life of struggle and difficulty. Blessing will be your base state – the default nature of your experience in God and the result manifesting prosperity and benefit in your personal life. This is the inevitable outcome of all that pursue hot after God, unless they have worked very hard to talk themselves out of the dividends of the cross. Fruitfulness will come. It will not be the mere adding of good things, but the exponential multiplying of the good things of God across the full spectrum of your life.

This “being fruitful and multiplying” comes because you have complied and accepted the discipline of God’s process, and now God says it is time. Blessing will now, not be an intermittent thing, but rather the intrinsic nature of the ongoing and upward trajectory of your life. With this will come influence, position and conspicuous testimony. There is a responsibility that comes with the blessing of God. People are watching you. People are depending on you. There are people that won’t make it in life, or in God, without the example that you are called now to demonstrate. If you falter or fail, your life will not be the only one made ship wreck.

This is why God withholds the “be fruitful and multiplying” until other disciplines that must come first, are established in your life. If you haven’t accepted boundary and limitation, being fruitful and multiplying will ultimately not be a blessing in your life. You will take the blessing of God, as Solomon unfortunately did, and squander it on dissipation and personal idolatry. Your life, as Solomon’s, will become more of a cautionary tale, rather than a glorious example of the goodness of God in the land of the living.

If you were to be fruitful and multiply before you discerned the potential of your deep, and dispelled by the word of faith the darkness encroaching on your life, then when the fruitfulness came, the darkness would increase along with everything else. You would become a spiritual pariah – blessed and multiplying, but no one can stand to be around you because you didn’t deal with your own personal darkness and didn’t deal with the mixture in your life. It is God’s grace that He withholds the “be fruitful and multiply” benediction over your life. Solomon, at long last, understood this principle when resigning himself to the reality of being a vessel of lesser honor in the house of God, he observed:

[Pro 10:22 KJV] 22 The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Solomon took the blessing of God, intended for his good, and rescinded the fidelity of his youth for the lust of the flesh, and paid for it with a tainted testimony that has stained his reputation for 1000’s of years. Do not be this person. You should at this point in our study, come to the place that you are not just being informed, but being convicted. Where are you in God’s process? Have you discerned the darkness moving on the face of your deep, or are you living in denial? Have you declared what God says about your situation, or are you just rehashing the negative? Are you now willing to accept God’s mandate of boundary and limitations in very intimate areas of potential and outright personal idolatry? Are you now ready to deal with mixture in yourself and in your home life? Are you willing to accept the sword that Jesus said He came to bring, even in the most blissful domestic setting of your own personal life?

God is calling you. He is calling you to THIRD DAY lordship over the harvest of God in your life. He is calling you to the place where the plowman overtakes the reaper. He is calling you to open your eyes and discern the character of the lives around you, that you might avoid the wandering stars and the big hot balls of gas – people who are part of the problem and not part of the solution, no matter how spiritual they may seem on the surface. Once you have navigated spiritually into full possession of the law of seedtime and harvest, you become like Solomon. The blessing is there, but what are you ultimately going to do with it? The outworking of the law of seedtime and harvest in your life will result in being fruitful and multiplying. In all of this, God knew even on the fifth day, what was coming in the fall of man. But by this time the die was cast. Are you willing to walk in this place with God? Or are you going to turn back and just be a playpen Christian till Jesus comes.

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