Prophetic Word to Kansas City (Video)

Prophetic Word to Kansas City (Video)

Prophetic Word to Kansas City
Prophet Russ Walden brings a prophetic word to the Kansas City area.
Transcript: I hear the Father say there is a new prosperity coming to Kansas City. I have ordained that the economies of the world will pour of their substance into the Kansas City area. Now is the opportunity for people of God – MY PEOPLE who are called by My name to get in on the ground floor of a new wealth potential for those that live in or originate from the Kansas City area. If there was ever a time for your hand to be liberal and your heart to be enlarged to advance kingdom initiatives it is now. Make it your determined purpose to seek out those who have mentored you in spiritual things and those who have fed you on the good word of God. Reach down deep into your pockets and pour out a blessing, even unexpected blessing to meet their need and to make it possible for them to advance vision beyond anything they previously felt possible. I will recompense you with the birthing of fresh vision and substance beyond your capacity to imagine or to visualize!
The person who sows liberally says the Father – I will MARK THAT MAN and I will MARK THAT WOMAN for the transfer of the wealth that shall come and is coming even now. Say to your eyes “be opened” and to your ears “hear what the Spirit is saying”. Those of you in the Kansas City area and those of you that originate from Kansas City and you have an entrepreneurial vision – the Father says NOW IS THE TIME – make your move! You have been waiting and waiting and the waiting has been long but I say to you that KAIROS and CHRONOS timing are merging and coming together in this hour and as you audaciously step out you will find favor and you will find funding – unexpected funding that will blast you into the stratosphere of your dreams and see the marketplace falling as spoil into the hands of My men and My women who step out expecting everything they put their hand to and everything they say and do – to be as if I said it or did it!

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