Precisely the Prophetic, Part 28

Chapter Ten – The Three Women Case (cont)

So, Larry, Jim, and Doug confirmed everything with each other and the Father was gracious enough to let us breathe easy and let us sit back and wait until they did what they had to do. Then on a specific date, the Lord told me to go see the deputy sheriff who was in our county in Marshville, MO. He said, “I want you to go see him today, and don’t make an appointment, go see him and tell him what I told you about this case.” I knew the deputy because he was one of my regular customers who loved to come and eat at the restaurant. Come and get your buffalo burgers, fried chicken and biscuits, and gravy, etc.. He was just a really sweet Baptist brother. I called over there and said, “CE, I need to talk to you today. I need to come at 3:00. He said, “well, Kitty, I have a court case at 3:00, I won’t even be in my office.” I said, “Well, I’ll go to your office and wait for you.” He replied, “Ok Miss Kitty, I’ll see you when I get out of court.” I said, “I’ll be in your office waiting.” I had never been to his office before in my life.

So, I’m in his office at 3:00 p.m. (his case was a no-show), and he comes in and greets me. After a real sweet little sit-down time of fellowship, I began, “I have to tell you something that’s happened and then some confirmations. As I told him, his eyes welled up with tears. I said, “CE, this kind of story will preach, and if you were ever called to preach, buddy, this will preach. You can share the good news of Jesus Christ and how wonderful He is to see and know and love people in spite of themselves. That’s why He sent His son.” Deputy CE quietly replied, “I thought I was called to preach when I was a young man, but then I realized I wasn’t.” I said, “if you were ever called, you are called and CE this will preach. And furthermore, you are going to be the next Sheriff of this county, in Jesus Name.”

I finished telling him the things that happened in this revelation of the three missing women. There was a snuff video, which is very sad, but it’s where they recorded them on film, and they abuse them and then murder. CE interrupted me in mid-sentence, “stop right there. How in the world could you possibly know that?” I said, “Because the Spirit of God is all up in this and He’s the revealer of truth. Nothing is hidden that won’t be revealed; nothing is done in secret that won’t be shouted from the rooftops.” He said, “Kitty that is amazing, only just this morning at 9:00, I found out there was a snuff video associated with the murder of these three women.” I said, “Well CE, that’s all I came to tell you, that God’s got your number and He said that you’re going to be the next Sheriff so that you can relax in that.” He goes, “Well, I hope you’re right.” Of course, he was voted in the next term.

The next thing that happens is we finally get to have a second meet and greet with the detective. He said, “All I can tell you is, everything you told us is accurate, and it has been confirmed over and over. The only problem we have is we haven’t found circumstantial evidence to connect the criminals to the crime.” I replied:  “Listen, that doesn’t concern me. What concerns me is that God has a voice and He was heard. You said and saw the confirmations. I told him about CE, the deputy who became a Sheriff in my county.” He said, “This is just amazing.” He was a church member of that Cornerstone Church that I had been to and broke the curse of the vow of poverty over (covered in another chapter).

What is the take-away for you in all of this dear reader? That you might know and is be assured that there is the Spirit of God working, and then there is the power of God that comes along with hearing the Spirit of God. The demonstration of Spirit leads to the demonstration of power. God has done miracles, signs, and wonders, and I believe if you are a first partaker and you yield to Him and go to the secret place, there is nothing He won’t tell you. There is absolutely nothing He won’t tell you if He knows you’re going to be faithful to obey Him and walk it out. How many people have begun and they get afraid? There is no place for fear. The fear of the Lord is clean, and every other fear is unclean. There was never any harm; there was never any downturn to this story. Waiting was the fun part. You know when you hear something like that, you think it’s just going to be revealed overnight, but over time I was able to share this story with those, let us say who have ears to hear, and God told us to put this story in this book for this time

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