Precisely the Prophetic, Part 27

Chapter Ten – The Three Women Case (cont)

Now picture this, Laura is standing at the front of the boat. It’s an open boat maybe 24 feet long. She’s standing up holding onto that rail; I’m sitting down next to the investigator in the back. As we approach this area, you could feel the Spirit of God just build and build. As soon as we hit the spot, her knees buckled, and I stood straight up. I didn’t even plan on it. I just stood straight up because God was in the boat with us and it was a confirmation of the area that many yards out in the water. The diver and driver are like “what is this?” because they felt it too – something other than natural forces were at work as God was testifying to His power and glory out on the lake as we came near to the depths where the bodies had been discarded by those who took their lives.

Jim then dropped a marker and called all the boats in with their sonar to start scanning the area. One boat came near and picked up the marker Jim had left. I asked Mr. Marlin why they just picked up our marker off of the water, he replied that they detected some anomalies on the lake floor and they didn’t have enough markers, so they were borrowing the ones that were closer in because of the reading on their depth finders. They then had divers suit up and do some diving. They were down about forty minutes or so, and they found several things in those areas but not what we were looking for.

Frustrated, I made the observation, “well, they moved the marker.” He said, “Don’t worry, the very fact that you were willing to come and do this and what we have experienced here on this boat today, tells us we will be bringing other divers out, but you won’t have to be involved in it now that we have an idea of where.” So, they did their part. When we to the car to go home after this encounter, I said, “Mr. Marlin, we would appreciate knowing when you confirm these things.” He said, “you know, being as sensitive as it is, law enforcement, we aren’t even allowed to tell anyone till the investigation is over.”

The next thing to take place was a divinely orchestrated connection with the lead investigator on the case whose name was Doug Thomas in Springfield, Missouri. Doug happened to be a member of a spirit-filled church in Springfield. We made an inquiry and said we have some information that we feel would be important for you to look into. Doug’s response was, “Do me a favor, write all of your details down and the connection with Mr. Ollison and Mr. Marlin, and put every detail you have in writing. I promise you, if you send it to me, my attention only, I will review it, and we will have a meeting at an appropriate time.”

We did as Doug requested, rejoicing because we have obeyed and put the package in the mail the next day. In just a few days we get a phone call. Mr. Doug Thomas said, “Can you ladies come in? I want to talk to you in person.” I said, “Absolutely.” We were excited. We didn’t start this, you can’t make it happen, and you can’t finish it, it is only God doing this stuff. So, we were just rejoicing, as we always have been to obey the Lord when we hear his voice. So, we go into his office and sit down in his cubicle that is soundproof so nobody could listen to us. He wanted the same thing the other investigator wanted. He wanted to know how this all came about. So, we told him all the details.

Now, as I’m telling my part, the Spirit of God manifests again in the room, and the man’s eyes were watering. I said, “The only reason I believe God got me involved is because I’m his preacher and I love to share the good news of Jesus, and I know this was an evil deed, but the other people, the family members, need to know, God sees, God hears, God knows, and He is in the redemption business.” Detective Thomas was just astonished at what was happening in that little cubicle with only three chairs in it and these walls that were soundproof. He looked up at me, “Miss Kitty, now that I know that your heart is pure and your hands are clean, I’ll tell you what we know. There was a prostitution/pornography ring; we believe it is connected with the boat God revealed to you ladies. I can’t say all I know, but I can tell you that that ring was broken up to put a stop to these ungodly people. I will now follow up with Jim Marlin, the investigator for the water patrol and we are going to compare notes, and we are going to see where we take it from here.

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