Precisely the Prophetic, Part 26

Chapter Ten – The Three Women Case (cont)

A few days go by, and Mr. Marlin calls and says, “Hi Miss Kitty! I got this message, and it’s very intriguing to me.” I then interjected and said, “Mr. Marlin before you go any further are you a Christian?” To which he replies, “Well, I am a Methodist and this sort of made me pause and take notice that something bigger than my Methodist background is going on here.”

He then asked if Laura and I were willing he would like us to go with him to the place that Laura and I had already tracked out from what she had seen in the Spirit. Laura and I had found the location by land previously but hadn’t gone out on the water. When we had gotten there, she had just stopped in her tracks and began to weep with her hands raised to heaven, and she said, “This is the very spot.” As it turned out that landing was precisely where the prostitution and pornography ring was broken up that week.

The investigator continued, “if you could meet me, we will have a water patrol boat, and we will bring a diver. Every time water patrol comes to the lake everyone sees what is happening so I want you ladies to meet us on the opposite side of the lake several miles away so you will not be connected by onlookers to what is going on. We will pick you and Laura up on the other side of the lake, and we will boat around to the area in question”.

At this point, The Holy Spirit said Kitty, “I want you to call the head intercessor at Kenneth Copeland Ministries because (I had been partners with Kenneth Copeland ministries for years and years) I want to have them pray a covering over you.” I made a phone call, and I asked to please speak to the head person of their prayer department. They then transferred me to this lady who introduces herself as Nikki Turner. I told her, “Miss Nikki, I’d really appreciate prayer, and I told her that we were partners for a long time, and we needed prayer covering.” After hearing the whole story, Nikki replied: “Kitty, I know this is God.” She was in tears as I told her how God wanted to reveal himself as God in the Show-Me state. I told her all the parts up to that point, including all the details. I told her about Elijah, Larry Ollison, Jim Marlin and how we had to go on the lake but we needed prayer.

Nikki assured me that prayers would be going up and that there was nothing hidden that would not be revealed and there was nothing done in secret that wouldn’t be shouted from the rooftop, even the roof of your mouth (she declared). I thanked her, and before we got off the phone, I said, “Nikki, could I ask how I could pray for you” because that’s my custom, when you find someone who is walking with you and you are connecting in the Spirit, it’s a two way thing, giving and receiving. Nikki replied said, “well, I have to go to Switzerland with my husband.” I said, “why are you dreading going there?” She said, “because my husband’s family are strongly religious, and it’s challenging.” I encouraged her, “well I have a little key that maybe you could pray about and then just have this breakthrough to bring breakthrough to them.” I began to talk to her about breaking the curse of the vow of poverty, which will be in another chapter of the book.

The day came then to go to the lake. Laura and I were rejoicing with such a time with our Papa God, knowing that He can do anything He wants, anytime He wants and doesn’t have to check in with anybody. We are driving up there rejoicing, and we go to the place where they told us to park. We get out of the car to find Jim waiting on us. When we walked onto the dock we saw it wasn’t just Mr. Marlin in a boat; there was also a driver and a diver. There were also five other water patrol boats and five dive teams. There were other people on the boats as well to assist. Jim and said, “We are just going to slowly cruise around to the other side of the lake. While we are going, I would like for you two ladies to tell us exactly how all of this started. Tell us your story because it is quite interesting to us or we wouldn’t be here today.”

I told him my part, all the way back to why God brought me to Seymour, MO to see more signs and wonders, to the Show-Me State, where God would show His power and display His glory. As we are talking, it’s like Jesus is manifesting Himself on that patrol boat. As we approached the spot where God revealed the bodies had been tossed overboard, Jim sent the other boats ahead to hold back traffic as we approach. The closer we got, the more powerful the presence of God came upon us all. They were getting goosebumps with all the hairs on the heads of the divers, driver and Jim the lead investigator standing straight up. All this time, Laura is describing what God had shown her. The bodies were bound to heavy cement pieces with big heavy chains and cast into the lake.

At that point, Mr. Marlin said, “This is the deepest, darkest lake in the state. A divers can only see three feet in front of you; it’s so pitch black. Just so you know that, and it’s the deepest, darkest lake in the state. Just bear that in mind in case we don’t’ see what we’re looking for today, trust me, someone will come back because there is so much area to search.” We got closer and closer with Laura saying “a little left, a little right,” as she was giving instructions. All of a sudden, I felt God in the boat again, and Laura whispers, “we’re really really close.

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