This is Russ Walden with Father’s Heart Ministry. This post is to help those who have subscribed but for some reason are not receiving the Daily Prophetic Word. This may be for any number of reasons. (If you haven’t ever subscribed then ignore the information below and just click on the “subscribe” link above).

The FIRST THING TO DO is to check in your “spam folder” in your e-mail account. This is a hidden folder that is accessed by different means depending on who your e-mail provider is. If you see our e-mail there … consult the “help” information with your e-mail provider to see how to keep this from happening. Unfortunately we can’t do this for you – it is controlled by you and your e-mail provider.

Specific to Yahoo and Gmail users: Yahoo is currently error-ing out the DPW with a “554” error. Be sure to check in your spam folder and mark “not spam” and to add to your address book. Gmail users: The DPW may also be landing in the new “Promotions” e-mail folder that Gmail not uses to sort your e-mail. To find that folder scroll to the bottom of your folder list and click on the “Promotions” folder. Select the DPW if you find it there and after selecting it click the “No Promotions” button and thereafter the DPW should land in your inbox as before.

Additional Instructions: “To Gmail Users not finding your Daily Word in your e-mail – it is likely in your spam folder. Here is how to correct that: “Navigate to your spam folder (found at the bottom of the folder “label” list at the left). Just locate the daily word and select it by clicking the check box next to it. When you do this a “Not Spam” button will show up. Click that and the DPW will arrive from then on as usual. ” If you are a Yahoo user the procedure should be similar to this as well…” IF YOU LOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL “FOOL PROOF” SOLUTION AS WELL. 

There are some other helpful things you can do as well:

Try re-subscribing to the Daily Word at the following link:


Or you you can access our content one of several alternate ways:

1.) On our website

2.) On our Facebook Page:

3.) Or you could secure yourself a Gmail E-mail account at as they generally have a better delivery rate.

4.) Make sure you have our e-mail in your contact list to assure delivery and also look in your SPAM folder to see if our e-mails are there and mark them as not spam.

God bless!

Prophet Russell Walden

The “Fool Proof” method to keep the Daily Word out of your spam box:

This involves the feature of creating a “filter search” in gmail to force gmail not to send the Daily Word to spam. Go to your search box and type “” and hit enter. Then click the downward pointing arrow button to the right of the search box ​and in the drop down menu choose “create filter with this search”. Then in the box that comes up next click the check box choice “never send to spam” and then the “create filter” button and any e-mail from will never go to your spam box. (What fun! Don’t you love all the ways “big brother” is simplifying our lives? <smile>)

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