Meet a Validated, Anointed Apostle: Ricardo and Kerry-Lee Watson

Meet a Validated, Anointed Apostle: Ricardo and Kerry-Lee Watson

Meet an Authentic, Validated Apostle:
Apostle Ricardo and Kerry-Lee Watson

This is Russ and Kitty Walden with Father’s Heart Ministry. In 2014 God told me it was the Year of the Apostle. Not long after this, I took a prophetic counseling session with a man named Ricardo Watson from South Africa. Ricardo came to America with just a few dollars in his pocket and God has established him in Loudon country Virginia as a major apostolic influence. What is the significance of that? Apostle Ricardo Watson and his wife Kerry-Lee established Revival River in Sterling, Virginia right in the heart of where the core infrastructure of the internet goes out into all the world. Just like Paul took advantage of Roman roads, God launched Ricardo and Kerry-Lee at the information intersection of the world where 80% of the traffic distributed from the internet passes through to all the world. What does that mean? Listen, proximity releases glory. Remember when people got close to Peter’s shadow and miracles happened? Remember when work aprons were taken from Paul’s body and miracle healings took place? I have watched Ricardo when demons are in his crosshairs. They don’t do a dog and pony show – they come out because they fear the God in Ricardo and Kerry-Lee the same way the enemy feared the spirit of God in Peter and in Paul. It was said concerning Paul and Peter when they traveled “those who have turned the world upside down have come here also…” I am declaring to you that the God working in Paul and Peter, the God that transformed the ancient world has shown up in Loudon County, Virginia in the ministry of apostle Ricardo Watson.

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How can I make that claim? Ricardo is the spiritual son of Kobus Van Ransburg. Who is that? If you know anything of the move of the power of God in the last 50 years, this man’s name will be familiar to you from the amazing work he did in South Africa and continues still today. Before I met Ricardo, I knew ministers who were filling stadiums in Africa and getting signs, miracles and wonders wholesale. These men stood in awe when you mentioned Kobus van Rensburg. What God used Kobus van Resnburg to do in South Africa, He is now doing in Loudon County, Virginia through Apostle Ricardo Watson, and his wife Kerry-Lee. In our commission, my wife Kitty and I have challenged the body of Christ with the question “who is the prophet in your life?” Now I want to ratchet up the glory – who is the apostle in your life? If you do not know then you don’t have one. I would say to you buy a plane ticket, get on the interstate, hop on the train by whatever means possible and get in the life and ministry of Apostle Ricardo Watson. You can find Revival River church on Facebook or at the website:
Revival River currently gathers at:
10 Pigeon Hill Drive. Suite 80
Sterling VA. 20165
Friday: 6pm-6am (All Night Prayer)
Sunday: 10am and 5pm (WORD WORSHIP WONDERS)
Are You Partnering with the Prophetic?
We want to be the Prophets in Your Life!

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