Live with Prophet Russ Walden – The Forcefulness of God is Working in Your Behalf


Live with Prophet Russ Walden – The Strength of Angels Working in You! Prophet Russ speaks into your life from Isa. 40:29. Do you feel faint in your struggles? Is it a challenge just to get up in the morning? Do you want to just pull the cover over your head and give up? God will not leave you in that place of desperation. In Isa. 40:29, God promises to give “power” to the faint. The word “power” in Hebrew means “force, capacity, means, vigor, and strength – the strength of angels! Be encouraged! The heroic strength of God is coursing through you to bring you out of dark places! Does this resonate with you? Then use the like and share buttons and be an instrument of encouragement to others!

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