It's Giving Day! Do You Have "Sling and Stone" Faith?

Friday is Giving Day!

When the Goliath in Your Life Sees Your Faith – He will Flee!

Hello, this is Russ and Kitty Walden with Father’s Heart Ministry. Just a few days ago God gave us a Daily Word that included the following:
“The Father says, call up your faith as David brought his sling and stone to the giant’s forehead. Faith was the stone, and love was the sling….”
Imagine what that looked like on that battlefield thousands of years ago!

Do You Have Sling and Stone Faith?

What about you? Do you have “sling and stone” faith? In our ministry travels we have often asked the people “do you have faith for a million dollars?” Inevitably all the people stand up. They knew when we asked them that astounding question – and – without a doubt YOU KNOW that you have MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH on the inside of you.

When will the Mountains in Your Life Move?

Why haven’t the mountains in your life moved? The answer is found in Matt. 9:2. Several men brought a sick friend to Jesus for healing. I want you to notice what happen next and what Jesus said:

“…seeing their faith, Jesus said ‘thy sins be forgiven thee…”

Can Jesus see your faith? There is no question (and you know it is true – you HAVE MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH! What we are here to help you do is take the action that causes Jesus to SEE the faith that HE ALREADY KNOWS is on the inside of you.

We Want You to Have Your Version of Our Breakthrough!

Kitty and I are unusually blessed in our life. God brought us from homelessness and poverty into a level of blessing and favor that would be difficult to exaggerate. Our highest desire is to release to you YOUR VERSION of our breakthrough and a big part of it comes through acting in faith to give. When you give into the anointing – that anointing sets the preamble for what happens next in your life. When you give into the glory you will reap radical reward.

An Uncommon Gift Produces an Uncommon Reward!

Are you ready for the unusual, the unique, the OVER THE TOP harvest from the financial seed that you sow. God’s word is replete with comparisons of your giving to sowing of seed. God wants you plant a seed of giving and reap a hundredfold return. It would be ridiculous to plant one seed and only get one seed back. God wants you to walk in the 100 fold return and today is your time – IT’S YOUR TIME – to let Jesus “see your faith..” Everytime Jesus SAW THEIR FAITH, miracles IMMEDIATELY COMMENCE HAPPENING!

Let Jesus See Your Faith and Receive Your Miracle Today (Here)

Make a sacrificial gift to FHM today. All of the scriptures back up the fact that as you sow liberally you will reap liberally. What do you call liberal giving? Do that! What does God call reaping liberally? God is a liberal giver and as you give – He will see your faith and SOMETHING RADICAL WILL HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE!

Sow Your “Sling and Stone” Gift
and Slay Your Giant Today!


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To give by phone, simply call our office and our admin, Katie will be there to securely accept your donation. The number again is 417.593.9802

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