What to do when all seems lost and you are financially at the end of your rope:
Recently I received an e-mail from a lady in desperate straights financially. Nothing was working. She feared witchcraft prayers being prayed against her. Her once fruitful job was drying up and nothing was opening up on her horizon. I shared with her what I will reproduce here because I know that many of you may feel you are in the same place:
“Dear <name withheld>, these are witchcraft prayers that have no power. Galatians tells us witchcraft is a work of the flesh. If you are not “in the flesh” where this person is concerned – he can’t touch you. So your prayers are to plead the blood of Christ over your life and CONDEMN the tongues that speak against you – speaking contrary to what God says about you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. As far as your own financial situation you need to do a few things to get yourself into faith in your finances.
1. He that gives to the poor makes a loan to the Lord. You need to quickly and completely go through your life and identify all personal property, things in storage, clothes you don’t wear, cars you don’t drive, appliances you don’t use, things in storage that you haven’t touched in a long time and give all of that away to the poor or to organizations that serve the poor. Be sure to include a few sentimental items so that you know you are invested in the process and not just getting rid of junk. When you do this your personal economy will be repaired by the hand of God.
2. Give out of your “penury” like the widow with the 2 mites. This is giving the thing you have least to spare. In your case it would be money. The widow with the 2 mites gave into the treasury Jesus was looking into waiting on her gift. She gave “of all her living” in other words – a radical gift. Giving into the anointing as this woman did will enlarge you financially and cause your money to begin to move by the Spirit of God. No one can tell you where that treasury is that Jesus is looking into (so this isn’t where I say you must give me your Credit Card number). You have to get this from God and act promptly and sacrificially. The seed is in itself. Sow the seed – the radical seed of what you want to see reproduced in your life.
The deception people fall into is saying “I’m already a giver, etc., etc.,” Things are the way they are because of what you are doing. If you want something different you must do something different. I acted on these principles in my life at a time when I was deeply desperate, bank account empty, utilities getting shut off, tax man knocking on the door. God radically answered my need. Money began to “move by the Spirit” in my life. It was and continues to be a lifestyle of the miraculous.
So you have to shake yourself and get radical. You have to pray and condemn that tongue that is speaking against you – it’s biblical and it works. You have to give all your surplus to the poor. You must find the treasury Jesus is looking into and give a radical gift that makes you lie awake at night and say “I hope that was God, if not I’m in trouble…” These things are not easy and if fear rules – impossible. But radical obedience brings radical results.
These are the things my testimony is made up of. This is what I have seen and heard and handled of the things of God. These are the things that have produced in my life. May God give you courage and bring you into your blessing place.
God bless!
Prophet Russell Walden

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