Have a Happy Valentine’s Day Tomorrow!

If you are alone or without a partner this Valentine’s Day join the club – and be encouraged. Have you ever thought about the whole idea of companionship? What a good Daddy we have! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and we have so much to be thankful for. Having found myself without a companion recently it gives me pause to really be grateful and honestly in awe of such a good God who would think up in the eternities the whole idea of companionship.
When you read Gen. 2:21-25 you will find that before the fall Adam and Eve were so close they didn’t even have proper names for one another. In Hebrew, they were ISH (man) and ISHA (woman, or “out of man”). Come on now. Think of it! God caused Adam to fall asleep and upon waking what a miracle stood before him – Eve – a gift from the heart of God. Don’t you know that God is a GREAT gift giver? She was everything Adam could have ever dreamed up. Are you ready for your Dream Boat?
What must it have been like for these two love birds in Paradise? You know as well as I do they finished each others’ sentences, came up with the same thoughts and ideas and knew a level of love and acceptance that I believe is still available today.
What about those of us without a companion? Don’t be heavy-hearted this Valentine’s Day. Be thankful. Show appreciation to a Loving Daddy who conceived companionship to connect us, and give us cause for rejoicing and celebration.
Why should you, being alone (if you are alone, without a life partner) why should you be thankful? Because God loves it when we give thanks. He tends to bring into our lives more of that which we are thankful for. Being thankful for companionship even in the absence of companionship compels the Father’s heart more than you know to move in that very area of your life. So, single, married, alone or together may I say – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you tomorrow.
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  • Vivian L. Lott says:

    Even though without a companion for so many years, I have always reflected on God’s love for me as well the love of my children. I am so grateful just knowing that the Lord is looking after us all. He deeply cares about those things that concern us. Happy Valentines Day to all which is everyday in the eyes of Jesus, because of His powerful love for us all.