God says I am about to make Your Ax Head Swim!

Who is the Prophet in Your Life?

God says to you “I am about to make your ax head swim…” That is for someone today to hear. What does this mean? That God is going to put something IN REACH for you today…. that has been lost and given up on.

2 Chron. 20:20 says “believe the prophets so shall you prosper…” This is where the prosperity is. This is where the open door is that you’ve been looking for. This is where the economy of man fades and the economy of God comes into the ascendancy in your life. Just as you need a pastor (and you do) you also need a prophet. A living prophet, not someone who died five years ago. Not some historical figure. A living, breathing, anointed prophet of God.

Elisha was plowing with 12 yoke of oxen when he met his prophet. His life was never the same but Elijah didn’t make it easy. He ran after Elijah and said, “let me kiss my father and mother…” In other words “let me get my affairs in order…” Elijah didn’t even look up. “What is that to me?” and he kept on walking. Let me tell you – your family won’t understand. Your spouse may not get it. Your kids will be inconvenienced because they will lose status to the will of God in your life. Your dearest Christian friends will cluck their tongues and turn away. There is a cost to breakthrough.

The prophets in my life that brought me to breakthrough were never easy to connect with and not because they weren’t loving, accessible and ready to be who God called them to be. They were busy seeking the kingdom!

I remember one young protege who complained to me “you don’t have enough time for me…” My answer was “son, it’s not about you…” When Jesus called the twelve the gospel says “he ordained twelve to be WITH HIM …” not the other way around. Your pastor is ordained to be with you – you are ordained to be with the prophet and the apostle in your life. Timothy got this the day Paul took him, a grown man, and circumcised him. John Mark got this the day Paul refused to allow him to travel with him because Mark “went not with them to the work…”

For years I would drive 18 hours one way to have two or three hours with a prophet in my life. I didn’t go empty-handed either. It was inconvenient. It was costly. It was life-changing. Listen there is no BARGAIN BREAKTHROUGH in your life. Failure is costly. Breakthrough even more so. There is a major principality and power in the earth whose name is “that’s not convenient for me…” That’s why Jesus said, “unless you take up your cross…” What he was saying is “I know what it takes to follow My father and if you are not finding your sense of self-referral in Him you won’t make it into the plan that He has for you…”

Not a convenient time? It never is. Not willing to go where you’ve never been before? Stay where you are then but God has something better. Not willing to relinquish your doctrine, your tribe, your mindset, or your politics? Those things will be cold comfort when standing in the ashes of an un-surrendered life. Change is possible. It is available. Now is your time and the next move is yours.

Got questions? I get it. Know this – the question you ask next is what is standing between you and what God has for you. Questions don’t bring breakthroughs, action does. The kingdom of God is MOTION ACTIVATED and FAITH ACTIVATED and today is the only day you have to move on these things because tomorrow never comes.

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