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God Says You are a Distribution Point of the Transfer of the Wealth:

This is Prophet Russ Walden and I have a fresh prophetic word for you: This day you are stepping into the GREAT TRANSFER OF THE WEALTH!

C. Peter Wagner wrote a groundbreaking book on this subject and the time is now. God is making you a DISTRIBUTOR of the resources of the kingdom according to the strategies of heaven. You have heard these things in your heart. Others have tried to talk you out of it. Uninformed leaders have preached a gospel of poverty and lack but something inside of you would not let go of the John 10:10 mandate of LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!

It is a fact that great transfer of the wealth from the resource of the world into people of the kingdom IS coming. The declaration of heaven over your life today is that you are one of the following:


  1. A Provider of Wealth to Kingdom Purposes
  2. Manager of Wealth to Kingdom Initiatives
  3. A Distributor of Wealth to Kingdom Enterprises
  4. Field Marshal of Wealth in the Seven Mountains of Influence

God says this to you:

“I have anointed you to receive order and truth and understanding regarding provision and resources that will help you and help many, many people. I am now showing you how that things in your life will NOW begin to move by the Spirit that will release many and prosper you and many of those you connect with.

You are now learning and you are now a part of what I am doing. It is not just your personality or your abilities, but it’s an anointing that is NOW bringing increase as you yield yourself to My revealed order and plan. The Lord says MONEY MOVES BY THE SPIRIT and that you now have come into an understanding of that in such a way that the vaults of heaven are being made available to satisfy every need and every demand being made upon you financially. You need to understand that, and you need to see that.

You need to understand the word distribution. You need to understand you are now not just a place of deposit for your own need but a resource center and a distribution point that I am now making you who gives out to the initiatives and strategies of My kingdom. You are no longer just a place of deposit but rather a conduit of kingdom finance out to many in kingdom purpose says, God…” 

God is now raising up a tribe of believers who will accept the responsibility and receive the stewardship of financial resources they have never experienced before. Your better days financially are ahead for you. You are the head in these things and not the tail. You are the lender and not the borrower. You are the receiver and not one who is denied in any way. Claim this and make it your own today.

I’m sure there are some of you with BIG DREAMS about what you will do when your ship comes in. Let me tell you in the spirit that the anchor is now dropped and the cargo of heaven is offloading into your life. Perhaps you are believing to open a business or see an existing business prosper. This is your moment. Others are barely staying afloat and are desperate for the very essentials of daily living.

This is your day. Maybe you need something money cannot buy ora healing that doctors say is not possible. Prophet Kim Clement taught us all thatgiving is a point of contact to release your faith. Act now. Act in the moment of the anointing. Believe for a release of grace from heaven that will manifest a miracle as you click on the following link: (God bless you!)

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