Giving Day: This is Your Time of Exceeding Increase!

This is YOUR TIME of

Did you know that the word INCREASE occurs 88 times in the scriptures? That is a number of DOUBLE-PORTION NEW BEGINNING FOR YOU. 
This is Prophet Russ Walden and I prophesy to you that this is YOUR time of exceeding increase! 
The very first mention of increase is in Genesis 47:24 “… in the increase you shall give…” What does that mean? That means that your giving will put you in the increase of God for your life. 
Do You Value Father’s Heart Ministry? 
The scripture encourages financial support of gospel ministries and is what FHM is all about. We want you to be blessed, and we are here to teach, preach and prophesy into your life to see change and breakthrough happen. Is this a giving opportunity? You bet. Whether you are the apostle Paul or the least minister in the kingdom, finances are involved in propagating the vision. Would you give a generous gift to support what Russ and Kitty do in the kingdom? We can only say thank you!
The Father says you are coming out of the dry season! You are coming out of frustration and the bitter dregs of never having enough of anything. 
“I am a God of abundance and I say to you that abundance is your portion this day says the Father!” 
Do you remember in scripture when Jacob was working for his uncle Laban? Times were hard. There was strife with Laban’s sons, and there was discord in Jacob’s house. Laban changed Jacob’s wages ten times – BUT GOD! How about you? Are you frustrated? Are you fed up? Are you having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? 
My wife Kitty and I know exactly how you feel. We’ve been where you are at and here’s the good news: there is a way out! There is an open door THIS DAY that the enemy can’t shut and NO MAN can take away from you. In spite of all the harassment of the enemy at the end of the day here is Jacob’s testimony: 
[Gen 30:43 KJV] 43 And [Jacob] increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and maidservants, and menservants, and camels, and asses.
I declare that today the EXCEEDING “MUCHNESS” of God is manifesting in your life. Lay hold on this and claim it by your words of declaration and your act of faith to sow into this word. Why is sowing necessary? Because You Only Reap the Harvest You Sow a Seed Into! Dig down into your heart and your faith and sow the seed that determines the massive response of God back into your life for change and transformation!
“When you give into the anointing you are leveraging your existing personal supply under an open heaven for a greater glory in your life!”  
Phone-in Donation:

To give by phone, simply call our office and our assistant, Katie or Georgette will be there to securely accept your donation. The number is 417-593-9802. 

To Mail in Your Donation:
Father’s Heart Ministry
P.O. Box 1915
Branson, Missouri 65615
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  • Larry and Ida Simon says:

    Yes Heavenly Father, 10 percent is yours. Thank You Lord for what YOU are doing through FHM for my wife and I 🙏🙏🙏