The Father says today, you are bought with a price. You are precious in My sight. No longer are you to immerse yourself in crippling and profound self-doubt. There is no reason for doubt. No reason to doubt Me – and no reason to doubt yourself because I live IN YOU. Doubt and unbelief are the vacuum that exists in the absence of faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by My word. Doubt deafens spiritual hearing. Religious density amplifies doubt and waters down the truth of My word. The truth of the Greater One dwells in you. The truth is when My word is in you in abundance, it makes you such that you never fail. Failure is not a tool I use to shape you. I am not a failure, therefore how does failure make you more like Me? Reject all such vain thinking.

Develop your faith. Have the faith of God. Have the God kind of faith. Assert yourself not in the soulish power or positive mental assent, but in the dynamic power of My presence in your life showing you the way to success and fulfillment. Soak in My word. Let the narrative of My word guide and lead and establish you. Detach yourself from the narrative of inward doubts or outward fears. Because I am who I am on the inside of you there is nothing standing in the way of your dreams. Embrace My truth. Accept the discipline of My truth. Yield yourself to the fullness of who I am on the inside of you until My word becomes that living letter that defines the totality of all the I have promised, not just in theory but in personal experience!

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