The Father Says Today: May 16th, 2016

The Father Says Today: May 16th, 2016

dpwThe Father says today this is a moment of forgetting. I am a God of restoration. I have set My attention upon you and your circumstance. Purpose in your heart that you must allow Me to lead you through a time of reinvention. I have created and I am creating on the inside of you. Your life is not marred by the past it is beautified by My design. You are not the product of biological happenstance. I created you inside Myself and at the time appointed in the eternities I breathed My timeless substance into your unformed materiality and your soul leaped into being. Every nuance of your character, every gradation of your personality has its design, form and plan on the drawing board of the eternities where I fashioned the masterpiece that you are. Do not allow time or your personal history to define you. Do not allow your mistakes, sins, errors or the opinions of others to tell you who you are or what you can do.
You haven’t arrived yet says the Father. You are still a work in progress. Make it your determination not to judge the outcome before the unveiling of that which My hand has crafted within you from the palette of My favor. Every pigment of My love, every hue of My favor, every shade of My goodness is being displayed in the subtlest tones and most flagrant colors on the tapestry of your life that I am creating and emblazoning across the span of your days. Rejoice in the process! Enter into the dance of cosmic creativity even as the canvas offers itself to the artist. Forget those things that are behind and just offer yourself up willingly, in total trust to the beautification process that I am bringing forth in your life. You are coming forth like fine gold. You are manifesting My glory as you offer yourself up and obey, cooperate and yield to all that I am doing this day in your person and in your life says the Father.

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