The Father Says Today: May 13th, 2017

The Father Says Today: May 13th, 2017

The Father says today, taste of My resurrection power. I am raising to new life some things that have passed and that seemed irretrievably lost to you. As a root out of a dry ground, fruitfulness and blessing will come again to you. Where you looked and saw nothing but downturn and disappointment, joy will be seen in the morning. I hear the cry of your heart. There is not one prayer that you have offered up that the angel scribes have not carefully recorded in the book of My promise where your life is concerned. Refuse the poison of pessimism and negativity. Drink deeply today of My promises, for the favor of heaven is shining down on you just now. Reach out as Peter when he struggled in the waves of adversity. As I drew him out to safety, even so I am working thus in your circumstance says the Father.
Seek Me early this day. As the demands of responsibility and the urgent needs of your schedule crowd in, take time to register in your heart My presence that goes with you. Affirm within yourself “it is the Father that doeth the work”. This is what yoke easy and burden light mean at ground zero of your life. I am enlarging your steps as you go on your way. I am sending the fair winds of My blessing to carry you throughout the day. You will find favor with those you need to have favor with. Unexpected blessing will be yours, because you choose to move ahead with expectation and not despair. Despair not, says the Father. Life holds no dread for you this day, because life and life more abundantly goes with you in the person of My Spirit. This day is when everything begins to turn as you align your heart and life with My promises.

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