The Father says today, I have ordained you to be with Me. There are many things pulling on you that have nothing to do with what I have actually called you to. Your first and your primary call is to find a place of intimacy with Me. You will never find My secret until you come to Me in the secret place. There are verities and truths that I wish to impart that are not for public consumption or for anyone other than yourself. Yet, from that place of holy disclosure, I will empower you and activate in you the anointing of heaven that will touch many lives. Are you willing to give up the demands of the outward life to find inward reality in Me? This is a come-up-higher moment for you today. I don’t want you to have a spiritual experience that is 2 miles wide and only a half inch deep. Come into the deeps with Me. Let the demands of natural things take a back seat to My still, small voice that is wooing you deeper into the things of My Spirit.

This day I break over your life the tyranny of the urgent, that you might prioritize the important. Natural things can wait. E-mails and texts can go unanswered. Social media will be there waiting on you tomorrow. The eye is never full of seeing, nor the ear of hearing but I have called you this day to My side. The things of tomorrow shall take care of themselves, but I have called you to come away with Me and sit at My feet as Mary did, learning of Me. There will be time to be a “Martha” tomorrow. Reject the illegitimate authority of men’s opinions. Set aside the man pleasing spirit that runs from problem to problem, trying to live up to someone else’s expectation rather than settling in and tucking yourself into My embrace and letting the trivialities of life dim in the resonant glory of My presence that is now upon you. It’s time to grow up into Me, My beloved. Maturity in My kingdom never comes outside of the climate of intimacy I bid you to find in Me and make your priority today.

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  • Sharon McCausland says:

    I used to receive your daily e-mails and suddenly they stopped coming. I have signed up at least 5 times now and still do not receive them. I miss them. What happened? Sharon McCausland

  • Anastasia says:

    You’ve really got my attention now I am so grateful for your works in my life and terribly excited about your presence. Let’s walk and talk a little in this hour

  • Karen says:

    WOW, what a confirmation this was for me this morning! Before I read today’s Word I had just listened to Morning Light’s study of Psalms 91. Thank you and thank you Father God.

  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome word.. it’s all about You Lord.. that is my Life song.. take me up higher into You that I may see, hear, feel, experience all that you want for me to do. I’m listening for Your voice of direction that bring charity to my Spirit, as I lift my hands bring me higher into Your presence that’s where I want to be sitting at your feet and learn of you and feel Your great love. Thank you Lord. Amen

  • Anonymous says:

    ‘shema’ ABBA….. ‘selah’….. I hear and heed YOUR Words…. THANK YOU HASHEM…

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