The Father Says Today: July 7th, 2016

The Father Says Today: July 7th, 2016

dpwThe Father says today you are where your attention takes you. Set your affections on things above and not on things of earth. The thoughts that fill your mind set the preamble for what happens next in your life. Choose to meditate on My goodness and benefit and blessing in your life. The meditations of your heart are the gates and bars of resistance that throw back what the enemy is attempting to bring against you. As you look to My blessing and anticipate My favor you bring My Spirit and My power online in your situation. Make up your mind that you are part of the process of your own deliverance. As you cooperate with My Spirit and refuse to be flaccid in your faith you will mount up with wings as an eagle and find refuge from every assault of the wicked one.
This is the nature of the new creation that I have formed you to be. You are not a creature of downturn or defeat. You are not destined for destruction. You will not be plowed under by the juggernaut of the enemy’s assault against you. Put your trust in Me. The enemy seeks to rob you of strength. When the mind of the flesh says “I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I can’t take anymore…” Just laugh! Laugh the laugh of faith. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself. Refuse to be a victim. You are not a victim. You are a victor. In fact, you are a conqueror and more than a conqueror because of who I AM on the inside of you. We play till you win. Though everyone else gives up on your situation know that I am still working. Things may not look like what you expect at the end of the day but you will nonetheless declare with all authenticity “what else could possibly go right!”

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