The Father says today, I am the way where there was no way. You may look at the circumstance and say “no way” because you cannot see the escape I have made open to you. No matter how much pressure that is coming to bear against you, realize this – that in every human condition whereby the enemy tries to capture you, I have provided an escape. As I promised in My word, there will always be a way of escape for you out of the terrors and torments of the enemy’s assault, into the place of peace and life. It isn’t necessary to think your way through the problem. I am the way, that is who I am in My person and there is no mental construct that can encompass what that means but it is the one truth that makes you free when you simply accept it and act upon it.

Let there be no deviation from the path that I have placed before you. Men may threaten you, I say to you that on the other side of your deliverance, what man says will no longer matter. I am not willing that you would serve Me without joy. I hate, I despise the absence of peace in your life. Those who would hinder you or impede you for their own gain are working sorcery, even when they do so (allegedly) in My name. Know that I don’t consult with man or man’s opinion regarding who I am in your life and I do not require you to confer with man regarding who you are in Me. This is between us. This is where you get for yourself by faith what I promised you so long ago. Now comes the fulfillment of the promise and the reality of all that I have made available to you in the cross.

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  • Julie says:

    I found the prophetic words sent to me, individually I believe, to be quite encouraging. I received it last Sunday and am thankful for the reminders of God’s purposes, His salvation and His strength,
    and of the significance of my role also in the Kingdom. I am thankful for the reminder that He desires to give us the desires of our hearts and that my heart’s cry is my prophecy and what He wants to fulfill in my life. God bless you all! Thank you for sharing and for all you do to bring the Words from His heart to ours! Have an especially blessed Christmas season!

  • Carol says:

    Thank you for this precious Word this morning. I have been in the midst of a gut-wrenching, fiery battle since 2008. I admit I have not handled a lot of it well but in the last few years, I have really tried to let go and let God, and I have found a peace that passeth all understanding. There are times when I slip out of this peace, but then He reminds me to be still and know that He is God. The one thing that I have learned from it all is that it is of supreme importance to follow that still small voice of God and when you feel a check in your spirit about anything or anyone, there is a reason for that. Don’t ever ignore that. I did so at my own peril and have suffered so much because of it. Nothing can pluck you out of God’s Mighty Hand but people can sure make you suffer. I pray for all of them daily and my heart is broken because of them but I am finding my peace in God’s Word.

  • Shaneese says:

    This prophetic word is comforting . Many people are sad to say working in Sorcery everyday and claim they are doing this to help even using the name of Jesus while working sorcery. They try to hinder the peace that God gives to his chosen for their self gain and gratification. All of those who practice such things are guided by the demons,witchcraft,sorcery and are under demonic influence. There are many who received the mark of the beast and don’t even know it. This word has confirmed what I knew. Let’s pray against these forces that they will be destroyed and removed from God’s people. Pray for peace in the lives of God’s people the remnant that are here in Jesus Christ name Amen.

  • Amen. Very encouraging. Thank you Father

  • Marta Foam says:

    one with God is majority

  • Glory, Glory, Glory. THANK YOU our KIND immortal, D Only wise and true GOD Whi sits in d circumference of d earth, D One Who dwells in d heavens and has made d earth HIS foot stool…..I hear YOU, my blessed Redeemer, D Author and Finisher of our faith…….Be THOU exalted Oh YAHWEH above every and any thing……Baruch Haba BaHASHEM.

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