The Father Says Today: December 2nd, 2015

The Father Says Today: December 2nd, 2015

dpw-150The hundredfold return of your obedience to Me is about to be poured out in grace and mercy upon your life. I want you to trust Me for the changes that I am bringing about for you and within you. I see the darkness and difficulty around you, almost like a garment of mourning but the time of mourning is past and the hour of rejoicing is at hand. I am causing you to relinquish the heavy burdens and run to Me. Run to Me says the Father, for I am all about YOKE EASY and burden light.
I am lightening your load and lightening your countenance. I am restoring the innocence of youth and the newness of vitality and strength and hope. I will cause you to hope and I will cause your hopes and desires to be met by My hand. I am dealing with you not according to your problem but I am delivering you according to your need. This is your hour and your season says the Father – relinquish all to Me and know that I am superintending every aspect of your life. Casting all upon Me for I will not fail to deliver you to the fullest!

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