The Father Says Today: December 25th, 2016

The Father Says Today: December 25th, 2016

The Father says today, peace on earth, good will toward men. That is My heart, says the Father. My heart is that men might know peace both inwardly and outwardly. My heart is that good will would prevail among men and every heart would find contentment in Me. The war by which I war is against the enemy of your soul. There are casualties yes, but My soul takes no pleasure in destruction – not even in the destruction of the wicked. So, rejoice not when you see your enemy fall. Rather pray for him and fast for him as though he were your best friend. Refuse to gloat over the sufferings of those for whom I died. Refuse to separate yourself, as the Pharisee who rejoiced that he was not like the publican. Remember, it was the publican who went home justified from My altar.
Peace, I say to you, and good will. Let all clamor and foolishness come to an end. You have no control over how others conduct themselves, but let your own heart and your own mouth be a well of peace and a resource of good will and kindness. Let no strife or division come out of your mouth. Refrain from your opinions even if you think you are right. I haven’t called you to have an opinion – I have called you to represent the cross whereby I said “whosever will let him come….” In so doing you prove yourself and authenticate your sonship, and that you belong to Me. I will bless the peacemaker, says the Father. Let that blessing be upon you this day as you comply with My heart and My mind in the earth, and in your circumstance.

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