The Father Says Today: December 13th, 2015

The Father Says Today: December 13th, 2015

dpw-150The Father Says Today that I am singing My song over you this day. Beloved do you know why I created music? Because music is the only thing in the universe that comes close to reflecting My mind, My heart and My love wherewith I have loved you. My thoughts are not dry or analytical toward you. My thoughts – all of My thoughts toward you are sonnets of love, anthems of fidelity and hymns of grace. My grace by which you are saved is set to music that even angels cannot intone with all their ability and talent that I have given them. Can you hear My sound? My sound is writing its chorale on the tablets of your heart. Your sound is unique and distinct from every other creature on earth or in heaven. Your sound is authored by My hand and My plan – the symphony of the ages is incomplete without your sound.
Go out in your day and sing your sound today says the Father. Sing your sound with your smile. Sing your sound with your uplifted hands – in worship to Me. Worship beloved is so much more than mere instruments and voices can produce. Every moment of your existence you blink in and out of creation to a rhythm and a sound that originates in My heart. You are My sound and you are My song. Be harmonized to that instrumentation says the Father and you will know peace and joy and completeness beyond anything you have experienced in this life.

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