The Father Says Today: August 20th, 2016

The Father Says Today: August 20th, 2016

dpwThe Father says today there is no expiration date on My mercy in your life. My mercy is from everlasting. Even when you create your own difficulty. I am merciful and gracious to you even when by your actions you have contributed to your own miserable circumstance. This is the whole truth of redemption. I saw you in your distress and made a decision before the foundation of the world that I would be your kinsmen redeemer. I am here beloved. I am not a far off God. Fret not neither be dismayed for I am coming through for you in a time appointed.
This is a time of gathering. I am gathering you to Myself and drawing you into a closer experience and walk with Me. The challenges and turbulence in your life are the enemy’s strategy to get you focused on the problems of life rather than living a life of attentive response to who I am and what I am doing to deliver you. Know that I hear your prayers. Realize the enemy is only trying to distract you from seeking first the kingdom. Make a decision to trust first and last in My mighty arm to save and deliver. Let your prayer be heard. Prayer is the conduit – the delivery system by which My intervention in your life is manifest. This is that moment. Take full advantage of My hearing ear and you will see My salvation.

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