A Fresh Word: November will be the Best Month of Your Life!

A Fresh Word: November will be the Best Month of Your Life!

November will be the Best Month of Your Life!

In 1 Corinthians 14:7-11 the Apostle Paul talks about the “Certain Sound” of the prophetic. There are times when a word surfaces that rings with the authenticity of the throne of God. Yesterday, my elder brother Roy Walden posted such a word on his Facebook page. Let the video below speak the hope and life of God into your heart for the month of November:

[vsw id=”5tYwJHgTgos” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”yes”]

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Other Comments

  • I would love to hear more from you. It was a confirmation and a hope. Thank you for being obedient to the voice of the Lord.

  • DEIRDRE says:

    Thank you for sharing this anointed word, I listened to this word a few times and i went to God in prayer to ask Him to confirm this word if this is my word. I prayed that God would confirm this word today and when I got off form work and I got into my truck I turned on my radio and Joel Osteen came on and he was preaching about Amos 9 and I just shouted in my vehicle and thank God for His marvelous grace. When I opened my bible it went directly to Amos 9. This word is TRUE, I tested it through our living God and its been CONFIRMED! In the name of Jesus I decree and declare that this November will be the BEST month of my life so far. Lord, i bless You for Your love, mercy, grace and favor. Amen!

  • Thank you so very much for sharing Gods inspiring word! I love to hear the word and reading what the Father says daily! The only way I get thru each day is with God otherwise I would be so lost! Blessings to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and the Father! Amen

  • Confidence says:

    Halleluya to God I have come across this prophecy just at the right because few days to November have been very tough times in my life. This has made me to continuously depend on God for help. Knowing fully the God that I serve I declare that November will be the best month in the life of me and my family in JESUS name Amen

  • Yes Praise the Father For his Beautiful Word “I Receive This is a Prophetic Word I long to hear from the Father God to All of us WHOM believe..yes thank you Sir &Bless the Father For he is Perfect in Every way..I know it is time..I have been so hurt…I can’t be shamed much More Thank you Sir This is WONDERFUL Praise the Father ..Hallelujah &Amen this is So Received..Sir..I have been so Sad..Amen

  • Amen and amen. For forty years we have gone around the mountain and praise the Lord that he will restore the years the locusts have devoured. Thank you for your testimony which encourages me to keep on pushing through. Be blessed in the Lord. Amen

  • Ingamadison says:

    I thank-you so much for that word I stand on It for I believe it is for the body of Christ!! I am glad that you shared it with me. Because you don’t know how much I needed that . Be blessed and continue letting God use you. I have been praying Amos 9

  • Robin Gnad says:

    I have faithfully read Father’s Heart daily read for almost a year now. At times I can’t wait till the next one, hoping it’s out early the night before. This is what has kept me going since my world turned upside down June 2017. I’ve never been one that’s fond of hearts, but starting a year ago August I started seeing heart shaped everywhere it seemed. Shadows of heart on my wall, my girls bringing me cut out paper hearts, even cutting a cantaloupe a heart shape appears often. Then searching on internet one day I came across this site, of course the word “heart”. Things have became a little brighter this past couple weeks for me & my kiddos. Just this morning I was asking God if this new sales position was his Will for me or not. I’ve been praying for a job. I went back to read the daily prayer again & that’s when I seen this video. November was a month that I’ve been scared of for legal reasons but after seeing that November is going to be the best month yet, I just know in my heart that everything is going to be ok. November will be a turning point for my kids & me🙏

  • Amen, Thanks be to God ! I Receive the word, with joy, joy, joy with thanksgiving . Am blessed and encouraged much so. Hallelujah ! Glory to God ! Shalom !

  • Gretchen Robertson says:

    Yes LORD !! We stand in AGREEMENT with YOU and declare AND decree that Nov will be the BEST MONTH of our (Your children’s) lives and from hence forth in Jesus’s MIGHTY NAME!! Yes sir PLEASE continue to release the “nuggets” God shares with you that you sense He wants you to realease to His Kids! As I have been gleaning from different “streams” on the HUGE release of God’s Prophetic & Apostolic VOICES/NEW SOUNDS… It SO helps us SEE and HEAR God’s NEW SEASON “unflold” I see/hear the “heartbeat” and “movements” of God’s current worldwide agenda of healing, releasing His KINGDOM on EARTH!!
    Thank you sir for your obedience and for stepping forth in this NEWNESS OF DAYS IN CHRIST JESUS THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER!!!

  • Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Glory to God ! Thank you Jesus ! I Receive it in Jesus Name !
    Such an Encouragement for me, as you have declared and spoken it to be for the body of Christ.
    Am blessed. Thank you Awesome Jesus !!! Shalom !!