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Question: Do You Have Faith for a Million Dollars?

This month is a new video by Prophet Russ teaching on “Man Plans – God Directs.” Are you seeking the plan of God for your life? This revelatory teaching by Prophet Russ Walden will get you out of the stuck place where the plan of God is concerned. Enjoy the video below and don’t forget to sow into your breakthrough!



In addition to this month’s video below,
I want to ask you a question:

Do You Have Faith
for a Million Dollars?

Enjoy the Free Video above,

and Remember Today is Giving Day at Father’s Heart Ministry:

Do You Have Faith for a Million Dollars?

I remember a few years ago, Kitty and I traveled the country asking for a show of hands: “How many here in this conference just know you have a million dollars in you?” Almost every hand would go to every conference we held that year. I would ask the people to stand and I prayed that declaration that their faith would bring to manifestation that which they were reaching out for. Does this mean everyone is meant to be a millionaire? What does mountain moving faith look like in the area of YOUR finances?

God instructed me on Giving Day that all giving should be done in a revelatory atmosphere: A revelation such as this activates faith and brings it into reality in your life.

What are you prepared to sow today into the anointing? Your faith to give has a direct bearing on what you have faith to receive!

Jesus taught that we should expect the 30, 60, and 100 fold return on the seed we sow. Almost all giving in the New Testament is spoken of in agrarian terms (terms of sowing and reaping).

What IS a Million Dollar 100 Fold Return?

Do you have a Million Dollars in you? Faith moves mountains and what seems impossible in your situation is not impossible with God. Are you with God? If you received a million dollars in your life as a 100 fold return on your giving, what kind of gift would that be? Calculated most simply, a 100 fold return of a Million Dollars would be a gift of $10,000 dollars. Wow! Do you have faith to give like that? Then you know based on scripture regarding the 100 fold return that what you have faith to give determines what you have faith to receive – some 30, some 60, 100 fold return.

Let’s Be Honest Now:

In reality, most people don’t have that kind of money to give. Admitting this is not a bad thing! It helps you LOCATE yourself! What DO you have faith to give? Give THAT and believe God for the 100 fold return. Then your faith will grow and your giving will grow. I remember the day that Kitty and I were facing great financial constraints but we made a big “faith pledge” to a ministry. I might as well have promised to go to the moon! Eventually, though the day came that we were able to satisfy that faith promise.

You Have to START Where You ARE! 

Listen, you have to start where you are and then press on in faith to greater things. Are you finished with lack and not ever having enough to meet the demands of your life? Sowing into the anointing is God’s way of causing your money to move by the Spirit. God wants you to be blessed. He doesn’t expect you to do what isn’t possible but He DOES move on you to give into the anointing what gets YOU into FAITH. What is that?

It is an exact amount that the Holy Spirit (and no one else) will tell you right NOW.

Give Toward Your Hundred Fold Return NOW!

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