God is Ready to Pour Out a Blessing on You that You Can’t Contain!

Hello, this is Russ and Kitty Walden!

Are you ready for God to pour out on you the BLESSING you CAN’T CONTAIN? How would you picture that kind of a blessing in your life?

We know what that blessing looks like and we can show you how to step into it (Here)!

Kitty and I Know What This Miracle Looks Like!

We want YOU to receive YOUR version of our breakthrough according to this promise. We EXPERIENCED THIS and want you to as well! A little over two years in our prayer time we asked the Father to pour out on us the blessing that we could not contain. We sowed into that promise. We sacrificially gave away from ourselves to see it come to pass. We believed for it. We travailed for it. Then one day God dropped a massive blessing on us that we COULDN’T RECEIVE because we DIDN’T HAVE A CONTAINER FOR IT! Yikes! What now?

Are You Ready for This Level of Blessing? (Link)

How did this happen? How could it be that God sent a blessing into our lives but we couldn’t take it in because we didn’t have the means to do so? This is one of the most powerful testimonies God gave us about financial blessing available to you when you act on God’s word. What happened next?


After praying for some time and sowing into God’s promise of Mal. 3:10 we got a call from an east coast brokerage firm. We almost hung up immediately thinking it was a scam. We are SO glad we didn’t! The voice on the line explained that someone had donated shares in a company traded on the stock exchange. The broker wanted our brokerage account information so he could transfer the donated stock!

Oh, My Goodness! What do we do now? Father’s Heart Ministry didn’t HAVE a brokerage account! We made an appointment at the bank for the ministry to arrange for a brokerage account for FHM. As we were working things out in the banker’s office the Father spoke to me:

“How Does it Feel to Receive a Blessing You Didn’t Have a Container For?”

God had answered our prayer! I wanted to run around the building and shout for joy! What about you? Are you ready for the blessing that YOU CANNOT CONTAIN? Today is your opportunity to give a “PROVE ME” offering according to Mal. 3:10. Is that 10 percent? Listen – don’t you want a WHOLE LOT MORE than just TEN PERCENT of what God has for you? What should you give? It’s very simple. Listen to the Holy Spirit!

What is the Holy Spirit Impressing You to Give RIGHT NOW?

How do you know what you hear is God? By listening to the “first witness” of your heart! The first impression is God speaking. Everything after that is flesh. Remember also to give promptly because:


How can I know this is your time to receive from God? Listen, all giving is a faith proposition. God’s word is true and when you act on God’s word – GOD’S WORD WILL COME TO PASS IN YOUR LIFE!
Anything God has given Kitty and me – WE HAVE AUTHORITY TO GIVE TO YOU! That is our declaration over you RIGHT NOW!

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  • Moussa says:

    As Jesus knows why, I have asked him to sow for me. So Prophets Russ and Kitty, would you like to ask my father Jesus : Why your son Moussa asks you to sow for him ?

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