This is YOUR Turnaround Time!

This is YOUR Turnaround Time!

This is your turnaround time!
A time of radical change and massive breakthrough that you have been longing for!

Hi, we’re Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. Twelve years ago, Kitty and I experienced extensive changes in our life that catapulted us into a worldwide ministry.
Directed by the Holy Spirit, critical decisions were made over a short period of time. Good things began to happen. Doors opened. Dreams came to pass. Desires long held in our hearts were realized beyond anything we had ever anticipated, and things shifted for us in our ministry, business, and personal lives.
We know what it is to see the things we say and do become as effective as if the Father said it or did it.

What would that look like in your life? We are here to show you.

In the throes of this massive wave of success and transformation, the Father instructed us to teach what we had seen and heard to those who were willing to learn and longing for breakthrough, reinvention, and transformation in their lives.

Do you long to be successful in your business? Do you and your spouse aspire to be a Power Couple in the Kingdom? Do you just know that God has called you into full-time ministry but remain stuck in a dead-end job?

We will show you from the word of God, and from our own experiences, how change WILL come, and your life will be better (much, much better).

We want you to experience YOUR version of OUR breakthrough!

To that end, we established an exciting Online Prophetic School, one we call Breakthrough School.

This Online Prophetic School is specifically focused on bringing you into success, fulfillment, and spiritually launching you on a scale equivalent to your heart’s highest desire and your greatest possible dreams.
Over 4000 online students have completed courses in this life-changing online school. Here are just a few testimonials:

“Breakthrough School made significant changes in my life. Amazingly, I discovered that I was achieving breakthrough in areas that I hadn’t even considered. I could feel the changes coming in waves.” – Rachel M.

“These courses are well thought out. The questions are revealing. Prophet Russ possesses a profound understanding of the scriptures and reinforces each lesson with personal examples of transformation in his own life. The insights embedded in these courses can only come from a Prophet called by God.” – Linda F.
“In Breakthrough School you will be exposed to profound practical strategies for engaging in the process of having your dreams become a reality… you will find permission to dream again.” – Dallas Neil

This is not just learning concepts… but being mentored into literally seeing your life change and transform as you proceed to complete each course.
We encourage you to enroll in Breakthrough School today and let us show you how to WALK INTO the breakthrough in life that others are only waiting for.

Click Here to Learn More or Enroll Now for online classes beginning July 31st.

We look forward to interacting with you in these online courses.
God Bless You!

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  • Rick Haselden says:

    I truly believe in Jesus. I feel a yerning to learn God’s word and pass it on to as many as people that will listen. I feel stuck in my life right now and just don’t know how to go forward with this.