The Father says today, I have set you in your life even as I set Adam in the garden. I have infused you with a charge and an authority to tend and to keep it. I will superintend your blessings by the administration of your words. Open your mouth wide and I will be that which fills it. Inventory your surroundings. Take stock of your circumstances. Address the issues that are before you with the verbalizations of faith. The decrees that you establish will be the parameters that will contain My Glory and the riches therein that are released to you through your faith-filled prayers. My glory is dispelling the darkness of lack, sickness, heartbreak, and desperation. I am engulfing your life as you DECLARE My Kingdom Come in your garden, says the Father. Your deliverance is awaiting the occasion of your faith-filled prayers and declarations.

Yes, I will work, but I will only work WITH you for you are My sons and My daughters. You are royalty and I would that you wield the scepter of dominion over YOUR earth and over YOUR life and the lives of others. They are looking for someone to speak to the storm and say BE STILL. No longer allow your lips to be silent. IF YOU SAY IT … I WILL DO IT. If you are silent, I thereby await your words. Upon your words, the blessings and graces of deliverance will RISE UP BEFORE YOU. There ARE NO PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, SAYS THE FATHER. There is only the GOLD OF GOD that manifests at the behest of your words which I am calling forth even today My son, and My daughter.

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  • Frances McHenry says:

    Father in the name of Jesus I speak blessings,inheritances, and everything stolen from me and my family to my garden and I thank you Father in advance for it is so and it can not be otherwise, Amen!

  • Robearh says:

    Amen Glory to God ! Thanks be to God ! I DECLARE YOUR KINGDOM COME INTO MY GARDEN !

  • Israel Moussa says:

    Praise the Lord !

  • Bernard La Chance says:

    I speak blessing to my garden in jesus name!

  • Carol May says:

    In the awesome wonderful precious name of Jesus Christ 🙏 I received the bounties of heaven comes to earth in my garden and stand in agreement with today’s prophetic words in the awesome wonderful precious name of Jesus Christ 🙏.
    Glory alleluia Jesus!

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    That kindness be the law of my tongue
    That wisdom and honor rule
    That I have the mind of Christ
    That even in the most tenuous situations love rules
    That your highest hearts desire for me
    be who I am and what I speak and pray
    In Jesus name Amen

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