The Father Says Today: September 10th, 2019

The Father Says Today: September 10th, 2019

The Father says today, how do you like the day I made for you today? Earth and sky, day and night, all tailor-made for your well-being and blessing. The enemy is for a time the ‘god’ of this world, but never forget that I AM the God of the HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. I have scribed My goodness and My faithfulness upon the heavens. The very DNA, the double-helix structures in your DNA are singing of My greatness and My watchfulness over you. It is a song of LOVE and a song of PASSION. Those who claim to represent Me as a distant man, frowning sovereign, have gotten Me all wrong. I am a GOD of PASSION. I do not casually look on while you are wondering where I am in your circumstance.
Since the Blood of the Cross fell to earth, I can’t take My eyes off of you. My Son paid the price that I might look nakedly upon you with all your failings and yet find grounds to bless and encourage you. Yes, there are things in your life that don’t make Me smile. But the BLOOD negates your failures and transmits My forgiveness to you. You must forgive yourself. You must stop listening to those who don’t forgive you. At the end of the matter, Says the Father, the only opinions that matter are Mine, for My thoughts are eternal and unchanging. The thoughts of men are fleeting, chaotic and vain, even when they try to focus on Me, they allow themselves to be distracted by thoughts that do not originate in My grace. So set your heart on Me today, says the Father. For I have set My heart upon you.

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