The Father says today, I am your purchasing agent and your real estate broker. I am a purchaser, and I have purchased you at a great price, even the price of Heaven’s Darling on the Cross. As I am in the heavens, so are you on the earth. I have ordained you, and I have blessed you that you might come into extreme ownership in My kingdom. Make no mistake; now is the time for you to retain land and acquire properties. Some of these properties you will build from nothing and others will be houses you didn’t build, businesses you didn’t establish, and yet you will receive and enjoy the fruits thereof. Yes, says the Father, I am bringing you into your own land. It will be yours not just to rent or to lease or even to mortgage. You will own these properties outright, and they will be part of the transfer of the wealth of the heathen that is your inheritance.

I am the ultimate territorial Spirit, says the Father. The enemy never originates anything. As the enemy seeks to dominate and control cities and nations, I have called you to the nations of the earth to manifest My greatness and have a known testimony of largess and generosity from My hand and out from your hand to others. No longer are you operating according to the economy of man with its restrictions and pitfalls. You are operating in the economy of My kingdom backed by the unfailing resources of the vaults of heaven laid up for you on reserve for this time. Your faith opens the treasuries of heaven, so act boldly and believe audaciously for this is a time of forward momentum in all that I have promised for your life, says God.

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  • Nelly Ratsiu says:

    I recieve in jesus name Amen

  • Lisa says:

    I have received the Lords confirmations in my Spirit on more than many occasions. Prophets are some and I decree and declare that many more ruse up into their full callings and potential, in the name of Jesus. Amen

  • Tebogo says:

    Thank you Lord for eternal promises. It is done and I receive all with open arms in Jesus Name!🙏🙏😇

  • Marva Boaz says:

    I receive my promise land !

  • C Shipp says:

    What a timely word! I receive my keys and title deeds. Amen!

  • Doreen R Bucher says:

    I receive this word into my life. Thank you and Amen.

  • A Reed says:

    Hallelujah. Let it be so, so it is. Even me Lord, even me. In Jesus name Amen.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  • Mary V Wilson says:

    Amen this word is received. Thank you Jesus

  • Pamela says:

    It is as though my Lord God is speaking to me directly. I am in the process of obtaining my Real Estate License and already have my Mortgage Originator’s License. The Holy Spirit has been helping me with the course. This is Awesome, because God is directing my steps and showing me His Way. I see promotion clearly Now. To God be the praise and I wish this for the whole body of Christ Jesus. Unlimited riches out of the Glory of GOD! We have the Favor of GOD!!!! Thank you Russ and Kitty!

  • Godfrey says:

    Thank you father, I believe and trust all my father say through my blessed Prophets, may Lord richly addify His providence unto you….

  • Ruth says:

    I believe it and receive it 🙏

  • Barb Baker says:

    I receive land, houses, properties, and businesses in Jesus’ name !

  • Moira Shole says:

    Amen I receive it in Jesus name.

  • Mulwa Joseph says:

    Amen I receive in Jesus name.Thank you Jehovah Jireh,the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

  • Dennis Vardon-Dove says:

    Amen and amen, Father to you be all the Glory and Honour.

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