The Father says today, there is not enough treasure in all the world to convey just how much I love you and have set My favor upon you for radical blessing. There is not enough money on this earth that is worth the pearl of great price that you represent to Me. Many around you have talked out of both sides of their mouth – one way in front of you and another way apart from you. There is going to have to be repentance, or there will come sore chastening. Let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth, only saying what I say and leaving the rest in My hands, says God. The condescension and highmindedness; the hateful and backbiting gossip and slander and all tale-bearing will cease – one way or the other, says God. My heart is opening as a Father to this land and to you and even those who have troubled you that I will chasten as in a day to prepare for that coast to coast outpouring of joy that I purpose to bring in the earth.

It will begin in the north, and it will flow to the south. It will begin in the east, and it will flow to the west, even that great outpouring as the river of My Spirit breaks out all the banks and flood control systems that men have put in place for their own selfish purposes. They have set boundaries, and I will breach those boundaries. They have set up kingdoms after their fleshly thinking, and I will penetrate those control systems and subjugate them to My dominion. They have said “this far and no further” to My plans, and they have even rejected those I have sent among them to bless them, but to their objections, I will say “enough is enough,” and they will see and experience just what that means for them in the days ahead. Be prepared, says God, and prepare yourself as Abraham when he saw the three angels afar off and killed the fatted calf. I am approaching nigh unto you, and you will be host to Me as I come in visitation to parlay the fate of cities and nations at the table of welcome you prepare for Me in this time of outpouring and glory that I have made you a partaker of this day.

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  • LMP says:

    Amen, a perfect word for a perfect time. Nailed it. So encouraging and inspiring. Redemption tastes good and is sweet. Our Father in Heaven sees all, knows all, IS our Redeemer, Companion, and Friend. Thank you fir your bravery to post and heart for God. You are a good listener Russ.

  • Moira Shole says:

    Amen Hallelujah thank You Father.

  • Leatrice D Sanders says:

    This is a Rhema Word….So accurate✨✅

  • Elaine says:

    Amen. Be it unto me according to your Word Lord.

  • Ricardo says:

    Thank you Father for loving me so help me to accept your love for me to see me like you see me not like the world sees me make me holy and righteous in your sight to the blood and the work that was done on the cross I love you Lord

  • A Reed says:

    Amen. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord. Let it be so and so it is. In Jesus’ name.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

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